India- a global outsourcing hub

Outsourcing has materialized itself as an option for business models across the world as it is being unwaveringly associated with productivity and growth. India has inadvertently established itself in the exponent position as being the most favored destination for getting all the outsourced assignments done. With an immeasurable resource of professionals, India affords to trim down the cost of effective services like bookkeeping by at least 40% and still uphold its stand on quality. Apart from this, a firm democracy that is booming unhindered for the last sixty years, an afloat economy with a notable GDP rate of 9.2%, excellent state of art technologies, rapidly improving infrastructure and above all its growing acceptance as a quality service provider makes India doubly lucrative as an outsourcing destination.

Indian outsourcing vendors have today developed competencies to scale operations or to deliver on clients’ requirement in a professional manner. Companies today across the world have started realizing that outsourcing today is not just an option for them but is a tool that is inherent to its survival strategy in the market. And as off shoring assignments are moving up the value chain, talent rich country like India provides the hope to the world.

This is one of the key reasons of the sudden rise of hotels in India. With international business tourists visiting the country in great numbers and with the count increasing by the day, India hotels are satisfactorily catering to the varying preferences of the discerning travelers. And it is not only business tourists but also leisure tourists that have resulted in the cent percent occupancy of all the hotels in India. There are countless leisure hotels and luxury hotels under the star categories that are part of big hospitality chains. These leisure hotels and luxury hotels are popular in the world map for the world class facilities and limitless hospitality offered. Besides, India has also emerged as a medical tourist hotspot, attracting medical tourists from the neighboring countries. As there is no dearth of India hotels, tourists coming to this country never face any accommodation problems.