Indian bridal jewellery and the importance of gold- A complete review

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important events in one’s life. This once in a lifetime affair marks the starting of a new phase in one’s life. Hence everyone strive to make this event the most memorable one. And in this regard jewellery plays an important role. It’s not about the fairer sex, but no one can deny that bride has the biggest appeal in this event! Hence it’s a bride’s day and no bridal makeup is complete without being decked up with a number of jewellery.

When it comes to Indian context, marriages play an important role for every Indian. And so is the importance of wedding jewellery! There are a number of jewellery traditional to Indian weddings. Since time immemorial Indian jewellery have gained the attention of foreigners and jewellery lovers from all corners of the world, because of its flaunting beauty and impeccable design.

Traditional jewellery are still a darling, but fashion and creativity has crept into the jewellery sector too! Brides are now looking for new designs. Wedding paraphernalia is changing at a faster pace. Starting from the wedding attire till the bridal jewellery and other accessories, everything is undergoing the creativity of intellectual minds. Every wedding season is witnessing new trends in Indian bridal jewellery segment. New designs are coming in earrings, armlets, necklace, ankle lets, bangles and the most important one “Mangal Sutra”- symbol of every Indian wedding.

Coming to the use of metals and stones in bridal jewellery, Though gold is still the most sought after metal for jewellery, but the affluent ones are also going for metals like diamond and platinum. Though silver had bagged an important position as a jewellery metal in the ancient times, but the growing liking of the yellow metal has overshadowed the use of the white one. However the use of silver is still prevalent in some parts of the world, especially among the aborigines and tribes.

Taking the global demand for gold into consideration, while many western countries buy gold for investment, Indian population buys gold mainly for jewellery purpose and that’s the reason why despite of soaring gold price, people throng to jewellery shops for buying gold. The demand for jewellery though remains consistent throughout the year, but during festive and wedding seasons the demand becomes manifold. As per a recent market survey, gold trade in India increases a number of times than its original trade status. What’s the reason? Unless and until you witness an Indian household in festive mood, you won’t believe the importance of jewellery for an Indian woman. Even Indians love to gift their kiths and kins in gold and silver!
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