Indian heritage hotels: romantic, luxurious and unforgettable experience

Indian heritage hotels serve as a perfect destination for families on vacation, for corporate meetings or official trips, as honeymooning hot spots or for those folks who are looking for a private sanctuary where they can escape from everyday cares. In other words these hotels are havens which incorporate old world charm with the 21st century amenities.

The heritage hotels in India with the exquisite combination of the best from the old and modern worlds, witness a large number of visitors from all across the globe. Also, these hotels are highly promoted by the Indian travel and tourism industry. Since these hotels are supposed to take the guests away from the madding crowd or the pandemonium of the city they are mainly located away from the city – in the hills, amid the mountains or near the beaches. However, few of them are situated in the heart of the city yet they manage to provide the guests a world of serenity.

Heritage hotels in India are scattered all over the country. But the most remarkable and unforgettable ones are located in Rajasthan. Because staying in these hotels will let the guests experience the lifestyle of rajas and maharajas. Just imagine – dining in a royal durbar hall, riding an elephant into a magnificent courtyard, staying in elaborately decorated rooms, residing in a palace adorned with marbles, embossed ceiling panels, opulent crystal chandeliers and wooden grandeur. Sounds fun, right? It’s mainly the mind blowing ambience teamed with old world elegance that draws people from all over the world to these hotels.  

Also, Darjeeling, the small hill station in the state of West Bengal which is also known as “the summer resort of the Brits during the Raj era” is a safe bet to experience the old world elegance. The region is filled with stunning Raj era architecture and is no less than a wonderland for many and adding the oomph to it are the various colonial cottages and heritage hotels. One loses the track of time in these hotels. Such is the ambience of the heritage hotels in Darjeeling, that guests easily forget their present, the hustles and bustles of modern concrete city life and go back to the good ole’ days.

Any discussion on Indian heritage Hotels is not complete without the mention of Hotel Windamere in Darjeeling which is recognized as the best colonial hotels in Asia according to Sunday Times. The hotel was a boarding house for Scottish and English bachelor tea planters before the outbreak of Second World War. The hotel over the many years has played host to many royal dignitaries, Hollywood celebrities, politicians and bureaucrats.