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“Sokkia’s Cup 2009 Ten Best Video Award Presentation Ceremony cum-press conference” on March 18, 2010 in Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse grand opening. As audio-visual industry’s most influential brand contest, the organizers once again heavy HC Media Network to create “business Oscar”, 60 companies from China and its brands boarded the selection of the highest step of the podium. HC Network Chairman Guo Fansheng, Lili Biao, general manager of HC Network AV, Chen Gang, deputy secretary general of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, China Electronic Visual associations, and activities of selected members of the Secretary-General Haoya Bin, award-winning business representatives, agents, and many of the media nearly 200 people together to meet the current industry events.

2009 Annual China Media Industry Washer Top Ten potential brands

60 years old birthday in the motherland, the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up the face of new opportunities, new challenges, “Sokkia’s Cup 2009 Ten Best Video Award Presentation Ceremony cum-press conference with” impact of innovation and development responsibilities “as the theme, review, summarize, evaluate, promote innovation and positive change over the past year to promote recognition of audio-visual industry in China has made outstanding contributions to the progress and development of enterprise and brand.-depth research by industry, academics, experts and all authorities depth analysis to understand the development of the industry context, clear development of the industry thinking, summed up the development of industry experience, to grasp the dynamic development of the industry, a breakthrough Financial Crisis brought about the development of the industry bottlenecks. Meanwhile, the selection activities to enhance the industry’s brand awareness, establish industry business model, industry leading companies and brands to promote the pace of building.

Through 2008 to 2009 the year of reform and development, and ultimately the potential of the brand into the washer top ten companies and major changes compared with the previous, for some reason some companies do not regret the final short-listed , and some companies who lost last year after a year of vigorous and progressive, reform and innovation of the top ten at last won the title this year.

Was 2009 top ten potential of the Chinese Media Industry washer brands are as follows:

Sina: waste Electronics Co., Ltd., Guangzhou City, we Home Appliances The industry just a few years in the industry we have got some good results today, this award is the highest compliment our company in today’s e-Sina was also the beginning of a new day for the industry, the market, we are filled with thank you Thank you.

New Sun: We were the top ten potential of the brand I think HC network, experts, dealers, and we sure encouragement, we must work in the future will run a successful business, products do a good job Thank you.

Days Yi: Thank you to our attention, thanks HC Network on our level, in future we will create cost-effective products that our customers feedback, thank you.

High electron sea: Thank you HC network, ladies and gentlemen, our company is honored to receive this award, I believe that tomorrow will be better sea high electron Thank you.

Extension Step E: for trustworthy brand that we only do three things, that is, higher, faster, stronger, how to make dealers more interest, let us end users to sell faster and stronger influence on how our brand Thank you.

Jia Sida: Thank awarded the HC network awarded to us all continue to do our product, return customers Thank you.

Kam-chiu E: Thank HC network, for HC network better and better.

Macro: Thank you. Million base ALBERT: I would like to thank HC network to provide such a good platform for us, we should also thank all the judges have the community for our support and love, this is the second time we stand here get this award shows what, that we have been unflagging effort, I have a dream, this dream is to make all Agents And Sell On the pride of our products, pride, and allow the people to buy and use our products for pride and pride, we will make a disdain for the efforts of this dream.

In Radio: I thank you on behalf of our network for our HC presented the award, thank you. BOLA TANGKAS