Industry Analysis: Gas Water Heater Electric Battles Hard To Change The Market Structure

Most recently exposed to a lot of press in the South

Water heater Industry, business people, found a more competitive situation against that

Gas Water Heater Enterprises are playing a “Living Water” with “dead water” between the cards, trying to

Water Heater Enterprises more market share back.

Reporter has learned that the electric water heater gas water heater to a declaration of war, industry giants choose the starting point is “dead water” and “Living Water” struggle. Gas water heaters tend to believe that the storage-type water heater is easily caused by microorganisms in water breeding, adverse health. Gas water heater is used in water, flowing water, and electric water heater is the storage of water, stagnant water. Stagnant water at 80 degrees below, can easily lead to microbial breeding, and “water contains rust, impurities and heavy metal ions, human skin damage.”

China National Hardware Association, said the Deputy Secretary-General Liu Runfeng, gas water heaters have their own materials and combustion incomparable advantages, natural produce healthy “living water” that property. From a practical point of view, now both electric water heater or gas water heater,

Security Problems with qualitative leap than before, people will naturally be more concerned about health care for the quality of bathing.

From the “gas” point of view, the play “Dead Water” and “Living Water” different concept of health, the purpose is very clear that security problems in the gas water heater under the premise of continuous improvement, each must expand market share, a new

Consumption Concept is undoubtedly the best reason to seize the market.

And look back at the evolution of water heater market, in the mid nineties, gas water heater in the market to gain an absolute position, but with the power and

Solar Energy The use of gas water heater market share gradually eroded, from 1998 to 2000, China has been rapid expansion of the electric water heater market. In Beijing, the electric water heater market share of as much as 72%.

Since then, around the safety of comparison, giant water heater has instigated several rounds of World War II, launched in the market for gas-electric sides of the repeated trials and Game, 2002, became fully than electric water heater gas water heater.

Reporters found that the air war to the power, in addition to playing the “health” card, the “air” particularly emphasized the energy saving effect of its own, for the average consumer, it is one has a “destructive” in card.

Gas water heater business that electric water heater manufacturers, although it also played the energy card, but limited to their own way of working principle and heat, electric water heater when the actual work is still relatively low level of thermal efficiency, energy conservation from the real goal there is great gap.

The gas water heater products in terms of energy consumption or use of the cost for itself already has high thermal efficiency and low cost features to use. The mainstream of the current strong market, gas instantaneous water heater arrangement, for example, without using the gas storage hot water heater, instant hot or bath, and thus its

Test Thermal efficiency and the use of the same thermal efficiency. Gas water heater is usually about 85% thermal efficiency, resulting in the same hot water requirements of the energy spent far less than the electric water heater. For consumers, use of energy-saving means cost savings in the cost of living.

China Home Appliances Market United Research Discussion group released “2004-2006 China Gas consumption demand with product research report” shows that the gas water heater market, a strong rise again, the current gas water heater user loyalty to 78.6%, 56.3% higher than the electric water heater .

Liu Runfeng analysis, because the country use natural gas production project, the success of East China Sea and Bohai Sea natural gas exploration, so that the quality of gas around the great change, and unity, thus there is strength in the nationwide brand provide favorable conditions to expand the market. Gas companies have now started to provide around a set of installation, to promote

Service , The cost of decreased use of the residents, help with universal process gas to accelerate the reshuffling.

The reshuffle comes, in August of this year I found the meeting to Kunming, Yunnan, Kunming urban residents in the whole roof is

Solar water heaters We look at the gas-electric dispute nowadays, maybe they will find, in fact, competitors are far beyond the gas and electric 2, such as solar,

Heat Pump

And other means of new energy will be gradually added to the scope of competition in years.

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