Infant Feeding: Why Breast Milk Is The Best

Why breast milk is the best

Baby milk is the best food. Though it isn’t as thick as milk, but it contains for all the nutrition your baby is required and content is appropriate. Baby if breast-feeding is healthy. Breastfed infants probability of suffering from gastroenteritis and chest infections is lower than milk fed baby, it because the baby blood absorbed colostrums milk and the antibody, can effectively resist infection. Born in the first few days, colostrums also can protect the baby’s intestines, prevent stomach upset.

Breast milk is also advantageous in baby digestion. Compared with milk, breast milk is more easily absorbed and breastfeeding baby is not easy to suffer from constipation. Because human milk is almost completely absorbed, so baby won’t educes feces too much. Breastfeeding baby will also reduce the probability of suffering from diaper rash. For mothers, breast-feeding is more convenient than bottle-feeding: no heat, no disinfection bottles, need not blunt milk powder also need not buy other auxiliary supplies.

Breastfeeding baby sleeps longer vomit milk fewer and smell not too smelly. Breastfed baby is unlikely to overeating. If your baby looks better than their peers baby to fat, don’t worry, because every baby has its own appetite and metabolism level, and your baby has its own rule.

But when your breast milk secretion is too much to squeeze to store, you just may realize breastfeedings malpractice, but this phase will not last long.

Many women worry breastfeeding can cause breast prolapsed, actually otherwise. After giving birth to baby, breast size changes or droop is actually is caused by the pregnancy, not lactation feed. In fact, lactation feed can subtract you increase weight during pregnancy, help you as soon as possible recover figure. Breastfeeding, stimulate secretion of milk uterine contraction meal also can stimulate uterine contractions, make the pelvis and waist circumference back to normal.
Investigation shows, in some areas of breastfeeding, cancer incidence is quite low. The reasons may be due to antibodies produced by lactation feed provides some protection for mothers. BOLA TANGKAS