Infant Swimsuits – Functional and Fun

Summer fun usually includes time in the water for children of all ages. This definitely includes infants. That means that you need to go out and get your infant a swimsuit to enjoy all of their time out in the fun and the sun. When it comes to shopping for infant swimsuits there is much more to consider besides the character or pattern that is printed on it. Infant swimsuits are very functional as well as fun when the correct consideration is given to the type of suit to buy.

Sun Protection

When choosing an infant swimsuit, it may be tempting to go with the skimpy fashionable suits that are very common in the stores. This is not the must functional choice when it comes to an infant swimsuit. An infant swimsuit is another layer of sun protection for your child’s delicate skin. The skin that is covered by the swimsuit is even better protected then the skin that has had sunscreen applied to it. The sunscreen may wear off after a couple of hours, whereas the protection from the swimsuit will continue throughout the course of the day.


It never fails that you will need to do a diaper change at some point during the day when your infant’s swimsuit is wet and literally sealed to their body. This is a very important point to keep in mind when choosing the style of swimsuit for your infant. You will want to choose a style that will allow you easy access to the diaper, so that you can change it quickly and get back to your day. The two best options for this are two-piece swimsuits for little girls and board shorts with drawstring waists for little boys. If you choose right, you will not have to struggle to get that dirty diaper changed.


Now an infant will never be in water by themselves, however they will have a need to be supported by some type of flotation device when in the water. Many parents choose to put their infant into small inner tubes, but there is another option. There are infant swimsuits that have flotation devices build into them. These suits come in a variety of styles and the flotation devices in a variety of shapes to help your infant to float and look good while doing it.

When it comes to infant swimsuits, there are many options for you to choose from. As you walk through the store trying to decide on the right swimsuit, you will want to keep in mind some of the ways that your child’s suit can be both functional as well as fun for both you and them.