Information About Cat Breeds You May Want to Know

If you’re thinking of buying a cat or a kitten, you’ll want to learn about some of the more popular cat breeds, to help you make an informed decision on what type to adopt.

What kind of a cat are you drawn to? The simple, elegant sculpted face of a Siamese, or the lovely long fur of the Persian, perhaps? There are many breeds to choose from, and quite a few half-breeds now as well.

Each of the cat breeds has its own pluses and minuses. For example, the Ragdoll and Himalayan cats have elegant fur, but they require more grooming. And the Siamese and Persian are regal in their carriage, but Siamese cats are often quite vocal, which will be problematic if you have a young child trying to nap.

Some of the breeds you might consider include Abyssinian cats, which look a great deal like a Siamese, except in coloring; exotic Shorthairs, which have the look of royalty with less fur; Maine Coon cats, with their trade-mark stubby or missing tail; Bengals, which are actually a hybrid between a Bengal cat and a domestic cat. Bengal cats need to be handled a lot as kittens and as cats, or some revert to their feral nature.

The Burmese might be the cat for you if you’re looking for a smart and active cat. They usually get along well with children, and they will even give dogs a chance.

Another of the family-friendly cat breeds is the Turkish Angora. This breed sounds like it would need a groomer on-call, but actually, you can satisfy this cat’s coat needs with a daily once-through. These cats are very playful and gentle, and they make great house pets.

The American Shorthair is the descendant of the first cats brought to America with the Puritans. They are excellent rodent hunters, and they’re usually very active and curious. They are lovable and easy-going, and can adjust to other cats, dogs and children.

The Ocicat is one of the human-made cat breeds, which has Siamese and Abyssinian breeds in its background. It’s considered a shorthair, and is very active and affectionate, although it looks a little on the wild side. She may greet visitors, and she is devoted and loyal to her owners.

The Devon Rex cat has a short, fine and soft coat, and large wide-set eyes. Their coat is curly, but short enough that you can groom without a brush, using a soft mitt instead. These cats have their history in England, but they have been bred to American shorthairs to propagate the breed here in the United States.

Whatever cat breeds you check into, try your best to select a cat that will fit in with your family and your routine. A lot of bad matches can be averted if you do your research first.