Information about Dhofar, Muscat and Salalah

Dhofar Khwars

The mountainous region of Dhofar Khwars covers 99300km and lies at the eastern border of Yemen in southern Oman. It is the most famous traditional region. Dhofar Khwars are rich in wild life. Besides this, they also serve as a resting place for birds. The range of Dhofar Khwars is mentioned below.

Khwar Mughsayl
It covers an area of 0.6km and lies at the end of Jabal-Al-Qamar in Dhofar. Here, sufficient supply of the food makes the birds stay throughout the year. This is being protected by mangrove trees planted side to side.

Khwar Ruri
It is the largest and safest Khwar and very interesting for the visitors as it has ruins of Samharam and it is also an ideal locality for nesting birds. Some mammalian plants and fishes are found.

Khwar Al-Baleed
It is rich in natural beauty along with wild-life and is considered to be the first archeological park.

Khwar Sawli
It is biologically important as it has great number of birds, fish, plants and invertebrates. It also has mangroves as it is a low saline Khwar.

Khwar Awqad
It is the main breeding site for different birds and covers an area of 0.16km. and lies in Dhofar governorate.

Khwar Taqah
It is situated in Taqah city in dhofar and covers an area of 2sqkm. It is full of fresh water plants and has a high salinity.

Khwar Ad-Dahareez
It lies at eastern entrance of Salalah city. Its water mixes with Salalah basin water at coastal strip.

Khwar Al-Qurm Al-Sagheer & Al-Qurm Al-Kabeer
Both these lies near Hilton Hotel Salalah and are densely covered with mangrove trees. It is an ideal place for many bio-cycles of micro-organisms and it has a low salinity.


Muscat is the most ancient and biggest city and is the capital of Oman. This great city occupies an area of with a population of 650,000. It has various well furnished public sites which attract the tourists. Muscat has many historical buildings like Bahla fort, Jabel shams, Rasal Junaiyz, Al-Alam palace all these help the tourists to know about the historical background of Muscat; hence, it is known as the city of royal palaces. A great number of parks are also found there and the biggest is Qurum National Park. There are many museums like Bait-Al-Zubair, Bait Muzna Gallery, National museum and many others. You may also enjoy shopping at Al-Fair supermarket chains. Besides this, there are many hotels where you can enjoy meals at cheaper rates. The suitable time to visit Muscat is from November-April.


The biggest town in the province Dhofar is salalah which is the second largest city in the sultanate of Oman. It was the capital city which afterwards shifted to Muscat. It was overtaken by the sultanate of Oman. It has mixed culture i.e. a combination of Omani heritage and an international lifestyle. Salalah is famous for frankincense trees. Frankincense is extracted and used for making perfumes and has great medical usages. Salalah has well constructed roads and there is also an international airport that caters domestic as well as seasonal flights. About 99.9% population is Muslim. Salalah is visited by many tourists due to its interesting features, especially in khareef season.