Information Afternoon Tea: November 20 Machinery Industry News Easy To See – Heavy Equipment, Wind

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Slow time fine chemicals : Interpretation, analysis of hot industry news

Qiu Debo on the excavator of the three prediction

Qiu Debo’s a prediction is that in the next 3 to 5 years time, the excavator and the loader to reach the ratio of 1:1. Excavator as the “machinery of the King” for nothing in the world of mechanical engineering Pin The amount of sales, nearly half from the excavator, the world’s giant companies almost without exception, have a sound R & D and manufacture of excavator system.

Survey of Chinese electric car chaos: the growth of roots barbaric

Funds from the organization in 2007 to join the electric vehicle project without hesitation, to 2008 in Shandong electric vehicle market like a duck, then in 2009 to accept the new national energy policies and regulations, and the news media criticism, Liu Yi-fat did not seem to escape the “first In manufacturing, the second year of maintenance works, the third year of business “, the fate of prophecy.

Scoop: Regional news, international trial Humen Town, the most concentrated efforts to build the Pearl River Delta Apparel Machinery Market

PRD clothing industry is the brand from a product economy to economic transition, the escalation of clothing upstream increasing demand for advanced clothing machinery and equipment, machinery and equipment renewal and recycling of consumption in the next 10 years is expected to reach 50 billion yuan. As the birthplace of the Southern Pine clothing and gathering place, Humen Town, especially the Pearl River Delta to create the highest concentration of the largest apparel machinery market, opened on the 14th of this month.

Eurasian Economic Forum: Shanxi Coal machine equipment manufacturing industry prospects

Western coal reserves have more than 160 billion tons. Output of 210 million tons of coal in 2008, an increase of 23%, ranking the country third. Not long ago, the provincial government adopted the “energy equipment manufacturing industry of Shaanxi Province Development Plan”, to improve coal mining and coal washing equipment, chemical equipment manufacturing level and scale, as an important part of planning. 2012, the province energy equipment manufacturing industry to achieve 260 billion yuan output value of more than 30% annual growth.

Heavy equipment heavy coastal development base in the port industrial zone started

15 days, too (Tianjin) Development of the coastal base of heavy equipment in the port industrial zone project groundbreaking ceremony was held. The project will rely on Harbor Industrial Zone excellent port transportation advantages, focus on the large port machinery, shipbuilding gantry crane and lifting and transportation equipment, land and sea with the wind power generation equipment, large forging equipment, pressure vessels and other large areas of major equipment Innovation To meet the needs of the national key construction projects for the development of Binhai New Area to contribute to the equipment manufacturing industry.

Fresh novelty: A bucketful of new, strange products crazy

China Metallurgical Heavenly successfully developed large-scale intelligent hydraulic lifting device

Recently, the Central Metallurgical Group-owned China Metallurgical Construction Co., Ltd. developed a large Tiangong intelligent hydraulic lifting devices in general in Hebei (Handan) Iron and Steel Company (referred to as normal steel) heavy plate rolling mill installation, successfully four single weight 364 tons of heavy mill arch smooth hoisting.

The first platform independent intellectual property rights permanent magnet direct drive wind turbine success

Held in 18 advanced megawatt permanent magnet direct drive wind turbine Forum was informed, with independent intellectual property rights of China’s first 2.0-megawatt permanent magnet direct drive wind turbine developed. This was the largest independent R & D permanent magnet direct drive wind turbine, marking the permanent magnet direct drive wind power generation in China reached the world advanced level.

The first nuclear power station on the charge pump independent intellectual property rights developed in Chongqing

China’s first with fully independent intellectual property rights Nuclear power The charge pump 19, through the National Energy Bureau, China Machinery Industry Federation and the domestic nuclear power companies, research institutes experts. Commission to identify, Chinese Academy of Engineering, said Ye Zhen Qi, the first Taiwan-made on the technical performance charge pump has reached the international advanced level of security relations of China’s nuclear power plants Key Equipment made a major breakthrough. BOLA TANGKAS