Insiders Guide to Lexington, Kentucky

Lexington is a vibrant, fun middle-sized city in the heart of the Bluegrass State of Kentucky. There are many activities to enjoy in and around the area, along with great restaurants and shopping. If you had a weekend to spend looking for real estate, but had extra hours in between houses, here are some things to consider doing.

First, if you fly into the Bluegrass Airport on a clear day, you will be treated to one of the most scenic landings in the South. As your plane drops lower and lower, the beautiful wooden fences around magnificent barns are but If you visit in April or October, head to Keeneland for a day at the horse races. Free parking is available and plentiful, or you can opt for valet parking for a shorter walk.

Once inside, there is a $ 2 bet minimum but even if you do not gamble, the excitement of seeing the horses walk around the paddocks or charging out of the gates is breathtaking. Also, you can grab a bowl of chowder for a quick meal to recharge yourself if you droop during the day.

If you are absolutely opposed to horse races but want to revel in all things equestrian, a drive to the Kentucky Horse Park is fast and fun. Besides carriage rides and touring the museum, you can also see a horse show held several times a day, including a parade of breeds and shop talk with a farmer.

If horses do not stir your blood, a visit to Spalding’s Bakery is sure to infuse you with enough sugar to really get you moving. Spalding’s Bakery – of course – has delicious cakes for all occasions, but in Lexington the local business is best loved for its amazing donuts. Lines can get long in the morning as workers from throughout the city stop by to buy their colleagues a box of a dozen treats. Perhaps your real estate agent can start the home tour with a box of Spalding’s!

Some of the most popular neighborhoods in Lexington include Hartland, Tates Creek, Beaumont Center, and my old stomping ground of Hidden Springs. Where Hartland and Tates Creek tend to be pricier (along with the Henry Clay area), real estate in many parts of town are exquisitely affordable.

Lexington is easy enough to navigate with its wheel-like road design, so should you finish your house hunting in one day, you can take the next day to travel to the nearby Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. Spend the day exploring the buildings, including lessons on making straw brooms and going on a riverboat ride, and finish it off with a meal at The Inn at Shaker Village. The menu features foods reminiscent of the times the Shaker community actually lived on site, such as tomato celery soup and cast iron chicken. Top your meal off with the famous lemon pie that you’ll either love or hate!

There are many wonderful things to do in and around Lexington should you choose to buy real estate from this beautiful town. Visit the city’s visitor’s center for more information about sites to see and homes to buy.