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Soda sales decline has formed a hurricane swept the world, nearly 120 years of history, known as “the immortal golden statue,” the global beverage giant Coca-Cola and abide by the Romans, the implementation of localization strategy, never blindly stubborn spread sale in the U.S. concept. After years of market competition, however, baptism, and claims of the Chinese tea culture has a “thorough” understanding, in September 1998, Coca-Cola introduced the first ever non-carbonated beverages, “Heaven and Earth”, released in 2001, “Lan Wind” female honey tea, 2002’s “sunshine” Fruity and immediately after that with the joint launch of Nestle “Nestle Icy Tea”, 2005, launched the “clear the” “yan” male and female versions of “Tea Research Workshop” series of tea drinks, brings a “unified “” Master Kong “excuse is used finalist, making tea in the Chinese market fast, and for a time fame, is only a matter of time catch up with carbonated drinks, tea drinks Coca-Cola products, but it was halted and muffler in the market to cover his tracks. Coca-Cola?? The world’s largest beverage empire, the world’s five hundred of the leaders, the global benchmark for corporate learning, but the initiator of Chinese tea beverage tea beverage in the localization business in complete failure? Ran aground diversified multinational and global enterprises to China again sounded the alarm.

Coca-Cola: not understand Chinese “tea”
Coca-Cola “tea” with independent clock
2008 7 10, Coca-Cola in the major TV stations grand son launched Jackie Chan’s new family deduction “of the original leaf” tea beverage occasion, its 3 years of brand management, “Tea Research Workshop” was halted quietly withdraw from the market. This is not the first time Coca-Cola beverage market in China tea run aground. September 1998, “Heaven and Earth” is the Coca-Cola introduced the history of the first non-carbonated drinks, which is based on the Chinese market, traditional culture and the future needs of the precision grasp the strategic product launch. As the global carbonated drinks sales continue to decline, the market’s forward-looking on the Coca-Cola discerning, a hundred years of market exposure and be able to accurately grasp the psychological needs of consumers, thus fostering the emergence of the Chinese tea market, the “reunification”, ” Master Kong “was introduced into the tea beverage industry for their failure found the grave-digger, the” heaven and earth “was soon discontinued delisting, why not?

“Heaven and Earth” delisting from the three major strategic error:
1, Coca-Cola is to use the concept of a potential demand for products directly demonstrated, with innovative thinking and create differentiated market-oriented demand, unfortunately did not find products in targeted consumer launch the occasion of the concept of products, the exact The will is not know to whom to buy, imagine the market positioning, publicity-oriented fuzzy case, marketing to do the greater demand from the consumer to go farther, ultimately, doomed to ” .”

2, the company’s business strategy is not to judge according to their market, carbonated drinks will gradually decline and shift in product strategy, market demand in China is not in-depth research and consumer psychology, carbonated drinks market illusion of prosperity and the inertia of thinking is not sustained for the Chinese tea market analysis of customer orientation, on the Coca-Cola brand credibility century of accumulated precipitation over confident, ignoring psychological needs of consumers and specialty tea drink.

3, the concept of tea drinks Coca-Cola will replace the product itself, ignoring thousands of years of Chinese tea culture sediment content of the tea ceremony, Chinese consumers are deep-rooted understanding and knowledge, and tea culture in China thousands of years of sediment accumulation All about tea, the concept of China’s notoriously bad health, the concept of tea can not gain the trust of Chinese consumers used to the taste, and doomed, “Heaven and Earth” concept will not be consumer acceptance. But Coca-Cola to draw from the original Chinese tea consumer demand, has called on Chinese culture and tea ceremony familiar to Taiwanese enterprises “unified”, “Master Kong” market sense, swarmed to bury the “Heaven and Earth.”

If the first is the lack of experience, in 2001, in “Heaven and Earth” has just been discontinued delisting, Coca-Cola will introduce a named “Lan wind” of the Japanese honey tea, the first draw the target customer groups not clear the error, will be “Lan Feng”‘s target lock on the successful young women, high prices, the result is complete failure. The result of three factors: BOLA TANGKAS