Inter Milan Tensions Have Riaen Over The End of June

At dawn on January 10 Serie A fierce battle took place in a number of interesting stories. The story in brief, be supportive, then the word: winning the Derby.

In Sicily, Leonardo and embraced his son Crazy Inter. Fans Wholesale Football Shirt Shop in the stands chanted “We send the child to Mr. Berlusconi, thanks”, and 13 years in Milan, Leonardo also provocative, “Milan drop points for our passionate ecstasy. At this point, Leonardo and does not hide his dream great has come to Inter infiltrate the previous owner championship to win the championship this season, took a Derby!

In the San Siro stadium in Milan, in a free rein to their World Cup Soccer Kit extreme power. They carried signs making fun of Leonardo is the dog poop. “Undoubtedly, this is a betrayal of discontent in the breakdown, but there is no power behind it the same? In any case, Benitez was once a sworn enemy of Milan , but fans are not abusive in San Siro Spanish. Mr. Ibrahim, after a key role in the hour after the first movement, “Do not worry things, just want their own victory.” If not, why do not let go? As strong as Ibrahimovic, even in the Derby winner’s circle.

In fact, six years, the world seems to see the series in a voltage of Champions, it is preferable that each season for the Milan clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona last year, when competition for the championship in the last So fans Waves can planes in the year is always passion. Until we win the German Football Shirt World Cup championship until the last, no matter who are the beneficiaries of both teams and all supporters of the Serie A team. Unfortunately, in the past six years, the time of Li Inter Milan besieged the strong half of the first season after the rise of Milan, Inter Milan is very shook his head. Derby winner that people expect is always difficult.

But now that the Inter momentum with two wins, once again showed courage the throne, and when Milan knows the pressure needed for each of the starting points are all the time, and if not break, Milan clubs the Portugal Football Kit fans have the Derby again a heated debate whether the large know, was the Italian Derby winners. Well, you can not say that the Milan clubs, who can win, but everyone knows A-series can last as long as the route to the championship in the Derby winner is the fans.