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Nanotechnology has many attractive features: the volume of their products only for the molecular size, but the precision and complexity of the cell like the human body, rigidity 100 times for the steel, it is a budding star for the future of new technologies. Experts predict that nanotechnology in the future will lead to a new industrial revolution. The U.S. government believes that by 2015 global market for nanotechnology products will reach 1 trillion.
Nano-products in the future new favorite
In principle, nanotechnology, atoms can be produced by manipulating a variety of products, completely change our daily life products and production methods. So far, although only anti-tarnish textiles, fresh food packaging and other products using nanotechnology to enter the market, but scientists expect nanotechnology products will eventually dominate the global market.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology chemical engineering professor George? Lesi said “Nanotechnology will be the ubiquitous technology.” His view echoed by other supporters of nanotechnology, they believe that the industrialized countries is now about to enter the full use of nanotechnology in the manufacturing stage.
With the latest microscopy, scientists now have the ability to place a single atom placement in any. Future potential applications of this technology is huge in it support, we will soon see a micro computer, the remote antenna can kill cancer cells, non-polluting car engines and other products come out.
However, the biggest problem is that scientists views of future trends in nanotechnology, there is a huge difference. This has led to lack of investor confidence in nanotechnology, they even suspected, by 2015, global market of nanotechnology products is forecast to reach U.S. government also can not be sure.
Crossed the threshold of nano-development needs
According to most projections, nanotechnology will be in the next 10 years -20 years to mature. But before the following major obstacles to be overcome.
First of all, the problems facing the people is the lack of cost-benefit scale production. Some rather complex equipment needs to be millions of atoms for precision placement, mechanical engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology George? Babasita Pettis pointed out that “the construction work of this equipment may cost the life history of the universe.”
Another challenge is how nano and macro-effective bridge between magnitude. When the size of nanoscale devices with larger wires, the technically difficult to achieve, in this case, the device will be useless. It is not clear how scientists solve these problems. Massachusetts Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, Francisco? Shitailasi said: “The current magnitude on the nanoscale manufacturing many of the assumptions of small devices is not reasonable.”
In addition, there are concerns that when the nano-technology entered the practical stage, will be human “into the wrong track.” We all know, people are “super seed” (GM crops), and “Frankenfoods” (genetically modified food) are worried about impeded biotechnology in agriculture applications; on the cloned baby concerns hinder human stem cell research. Fear of side effects of nanotechnology, some of the world environmental organizations calling for a moratorium of nanotechnology research, until people fully understand its social, environmental and even human health hazards.
Enthusiastic of nanotechnology
Despite these concerns, the world is not slowing down the pace of nanotechnology research. In 2003, worldwide study of this cutting-edge technology, or to give great support. U.S. Congress to increase funding of 37 billion dollars, earmarked for the next four years on nanotechnology research; At the same time, the EU and Japan on nanotechnology research has given substantial investment.
Hundreds of millions of dollars in government investment and potential benefits before, some of the world large companies to be outdone, GE, Motorola, IBM Corporation have voted heavily in nanotechnology research. At the same time, a number of new enterprises engaged in nanotechnology have emerged, such as carbon nano-technology Houston (CNI) and Mitsubishi Chemical, a joint venture FrontierCarbon so. Massachusetts Institute of Technology study concluded that: From a global point of view, the electronics industry and biotechnology industries will likely first use of nanotechnology. In the field of biotechnology, scientists have obtained from the so-called gold “nanoparticles” high hopes, expectations that it can trigger remote control devices used to heat and kill cancer cells in a single individual. It is these desirable prospect inspired nanotechnology research. This is the same in the 20th century similar to the early 80s, when, encouraged by the prospect attractive biotechnology scientists and entrepreneurs with their collaboration through the concerted effort to make gene technology research and continuously made new progress.
Compared with other high-tech, nanotechnology also has tremendous opportunities to create wealth, but the venture capitalists on how to achieve this vision there are different views. New biotechnology products for the treatment of human Juedaduoshuo diseases, and nanotechnology-based products, may be applied to health protection, new product manufacturing and the aviation industry, which those who received training in a particular area of expertise Venture capitalists raised serious challenges. Currently, even the most experienced venture capitalists are also difficult to determine the future prospects of nanotechnology.
As an associate professor of mechanical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chen Gang, a Boston conference on nanotechnology theme: “Nanotechnology will go from here, which is lingering in the minds of every important issue.” BOLA TANGKAS