International Yoga Week 2014 @ Ganga Kinare

A globally acclaimed festival full of tranquillity, rejuvenation, meditation and yoga

Partake in a week long experience of yoga and meditation at the International Yoga Week 2014 hosted by Ganga Kinare- a riverside boutique hotel in Rishikesh. This festival brings 70 hours of dedicated yoga and meditation practices by the best teachers of Rishikesh along with spiritual discourses by experts from all over the world.

The itinerary features a host of special sessions by the experts on Hatha Yoga, Pranayam, Baptise Yoga, Ashthanga Yoga and meditation. The Opening Ceremony on all seven days will be followed by various Interactive Sessions by experts like Shri Jivasu Ji, Shri Suhas Tambe, Yogi Natwar Singh Ji and Yogi Shri Roshan Singh Ji who will enlighten the participants with their talks on varied topics like ‘Samadhi – The experience of Non-Dual and Naturality’, ‘Science of Self-Realization’, ‘Spirituality, Health and Self-Realization’, ‘Yoga-The Path from Death to Immortality’, Meditation: A Path of Relaxation, Awareness and Expansion of Awareness’, ‘Introduction to Sankhya Philosophy’, Introduction to Vedanta Philosophy’, ‘Patanjali Yoga Sutra – The True Sequence’ and ‘Yoga Therapy’.

Guests can partake in the evening Ganga Aarti at Ganga Kinare’s private ghat. Every evening is promised to be a melodious experience with various soothing musical acts like Indian Classical Sitar recital, Indian Classical Sarangi recital by, Indian Classical Tabla and Pakhawat Jugalbandi, Indian Classical cum Folk music , Indian Classical Ragas, Indian Classical Instrumental and Indian classical cum Vocal Music being performed by musicians from the Vina Maharaj School of Music which include among others famous musicians like Shri Bhuwan Chandra,Shri Shivananda Sharma, Shri Shivratri Giri and Shri Somnath Nirmal . The guests will also be able to participate in the authentic Yogic breakfast, Yogic lunch and Yogic dinner.

Get ready for the most idyllic holiday experience as you rejuvenate your body, mind and soul only at the International Yoga Week by Ganga Kinare.

International Yoga Week package:

For any single night: Rs 2,500 onwards

For all 8 days: Rs. 17, ooo onwards

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About Ganga Kinare:

On the banks of the awe inspiring, tranquil River Ganges lies a delightful retreat named Ganga Kinare. The flowing natural waters of the Ganga showcases nature in all its glory. The only hotel in Rishikesh on the banks of the holy river has majesty in a land where spirituality and nature are perfectly blended. Ganga Kinare – hotel and resort boasts of a waterside esplanade, where guests can stroll alongside the sinuous river enwrapped in their own imagination and vision. This sweet phenomenon of nature, river Ganga, where piety and spirituality walk together hand in hand with nature lovers and the adventurous.
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