Internet Advertising – Best of the Best for 2010 – Where have all the good internet ads gone?

Trying to avoid advertising on the internet is like trying to go to the beach without getting sand in your car. However, trying to find funny, well-designed, thought-provoking or curiosity-provoking internet advertising is like trying to find a whale at that same beach! The internet only exists in its current form because of the power of advertising. But we certainly wish that all internet advertising could be a little more like these award-winning pieces …


IAC’s Best of Show Email Message

Email messages are a fantastic form of internet advertising for many companies. If you have the potential for a returning customer base, email marketing gives you a solid warm marketing opportunity, e-Dialog’s Holiday Card was judged the best email message of the year. Beautiful design, just the right mix of professionalism and fun, skilful integration of Flash … it makes me a little weak at the knees!


IAC’s Best of Show Online Campaign

There are quite a few big business names among these ‘Best of Show’ ads. Don’t let this fact put you off trying for an award–winner in your own internet advertising … see these ads more as a learning opportunity to help you identify what could work for your own business, without the burden of trial and error.


The Best of Show Online Campaign was taken out by Conde Nast, who put five beauty brands together (Pantene, Olay, Secret, Venus and Covergirl) on a MustHaveIt minisite.


IAC’s Best of Show Interactive Application

Biggs and Gilmore featured heavily in this year’s Best of Show awards for internet advertising. Well done! Interactive applications are very much hit and miss, and generally used only for very young audiences. Your business might not necessarily benefit from this form of internet advertising … but the game is a throwback to the good old of days of Super Nintendo, and is quite addictive!


IAC’s Best of Show Website

You might not have realised, but your website is as much a part of your internet advertising campaign as your internet advertising itself! Froot Loops are lucky to have a joyful rainbow colour scheme anyway, and while their website is a little slow to load, it is certainly fun and visually stunning. If you played the Apple Jacks game,  the design will look familiar … Kellogs know how to go with what works in internet advertising.


IAC’s Best of Show Online Video

Video is often hailed as the ‘next big thing’ in internet advertising. And Biggs Gilmore and Morningstar Farms have definitely tapped into the ‘on-demand’ nature of advertising, blending the convenience of your midday cooking shows with the ability to search based on a wide range of criteria.


IAC’s Best of Show Online Ad

Mattel and Razorfish took out this category for their Battle Force 5 cartoon. No, not just a Flash cartoon piece of internet advertising, an actual cartoon. With characters, scripts, and episodes … and a massive viewership! Of course, this type of internet advertising won’t be for every business. A sizeable budget is required, but this is a good example of how, if you do it right, putting all your internet advertising eggs in one basket can really pay off!