Internet and Network Marketers – The Money Really is in the List!

As you become more and more familiar with Internet Marketing you’ll hear people say- “The money is in the list.” Believe me, that is so true!

Do you know why Myspace, Facebook, and Youtube to name a few are worth SO much money??? Because they have ENORMOUS lists, people who have signed up and given them their information. People like me and probably you. 

If you want to build a HUGE Network Marketing business online, or ANY business online, you need a list. Especially if you HATE SELLING and building your business the “old school” way.

In fact, at some point you may have many lists for different products and/or businesses you’re trying to promote. This is what ALL the expert Online Marketers do!!!

How do you make a list? You create capture pages, web pages, something that has a form for people to fill out.

When they fill it out, their information (usually name, email and possibly phone number), is collected by your Autoresponder. An Autoresponder is a computer program that automatically sends out emails for you. It’s amazing!

Wait until you’re ready, then get one.

It’s MUCH easier to sell something to someone that’s on your list than someone who isn’t. It’s also MUCH easier to get someone on your list to join your business! Does that make sense…do you see how IMPORTANT and POWERFUL it is to have a big list?

The next saying you need to remember is- “The fortune is in the follow-up.” This simply means that you MUST  follow-up with your subscribers, the people on your list. This means continuing to send them useful information. It’s about “adding value” to people.

People don’t usually buy something after your first message. It may take many messages. Plus, you want to stay in contact and build a relationship with the people on your list. This helps you build trust and credibility with them.

“The money is in the list! The fortune is in the follow-up!” This is the success formula that the BEST, WEALTHIEST Internet Marketers in the world use…why don’t you?