Internet Dictionary: Golden Valley, Tencent Netease Best Camouflage From Song Yuan

May 5, the dictionary is once again quietly become Internet companies vied areas. And Google two years to make scattered Kingsoft Food of Love, is trying to transition to the Internet community; and Tencent, Microsoft, Netease Greedy in the camouflage from the same area, hope to expand the user, business integration accomplish something.

Golden Valley, two-edge best song Than two years ago vigorous hand, and Google Kingsoft broke up, only a “contract expired” words to explain. From yesterday, Kingsoft start of full operations to Google: Google Kingsoft Cooperation Version of the official website, and this is no longer available Software The download service.

At the same time, the official launch of Kingsoft 2010beta version. Google Kingsoft all users have the option to upgrade to the complete and independent of the new version of Google.

Kingsoft and Google on the contact PowerWord first began in 2006, which is the Kai-fu Lee to lead Google’s formal entry into the Chinese market that year. Obviously Kingsoft user groups and usage, Google was rich for obvious appeal. After some twists and turns, the final two sides began in December 2007 to finalize the details. Kingsoft

people familiar with science and technology said on Sina, the overall intention to buy a copy of Lee PowerWord business, and Qiu Bojun also have the intention to sell, but the two sides have still chosen to launch a software. Google Kingsoft accumulated value is ten users, while Google Kingsoft platform is hoping to promote their products. Kingsoft

according to data released in 2008, about 30 million of its users; and is learned about Kingsoft’s installed more than 10,000 in 6000, Japan and nearly 10 million active users.

Ready Tencent camouflage from Netease Insiders expect the market share of Kingsoft the survey is over. This compared to nearly 92% by 2007 market share has decreased to some extent. Now more Tencent, Netease and other Internet companies waited for opportunities.

This year by the end of March, Tencent QQ Laboratory in New Products, quietly appeared the figure QQ dictionary. Early April, Microsoft will be launching dictionary. The NetEase proper way dictionary, has been going hard for nearly three years. Competition to further accelerate the trend, an example of Tencent and Netease are actively recruiting staff Kingsoft.

For Internet companies, the dictionary has been expanded a relatively high-end users try to integrate online business in a way. Especially those in need in the search market share in the company win more. Kingsoft

and not necessarily the goal line and the opponents. A few years ago Kingsoft Internet community has been the formulation of transition, its internal technology staff also said Sina, “This year will do the larger strategic adjustment.” In fact, the current web page in addition Kingsoft dictionary features, also offers entertainment gossip, online games, SNS community services.

As planned, in June the team will move out of Kingsoft Jinshan headquarters located on the ground. Insider, Kingsoft is also negotiating the introduction of venture capital. Tencent’s Lin Jia from Kingsoft has been fully take over and get the support of Jinshan CFO Wang Donghui, but also their ability to face the old staff has questioned.

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