Internet Marketing Tips – How Many Rounds Are You Willing to Go?

Whoever said life was easy must have been living in a dream world. Life is far from easy. And Internet marketing is just a microcosm of life. You might say it’s kind of like prize fighting. The Internet marketer who can go the distance is the one who is going to come out on top. So the question I’m asking in this article is a simple one. How many rounds are you willing to go? Are you prepared to go the distance? If you’re not quite sure what I mean, keep reading. I promise that this is going to be a real eye opener.

Let’s start with something simple. You put up a squeeze page to collect opt ins. As an incentive, you offer a free report. On the surface, this would seem to be an acceptable plan of attack. But is it enough? Have you really gone the distance, or is this just a couple of rounds won? Well, let’s add something to this mix. Let’s also add in a 14 part newsletter series to the mix to give the prospect even more information. Okay, that sounds good, but is it still the distance? How about offering yet another free report at the end of the series?

I think you see where I am going with this. See, a lot of marketers, and you know this is true, only do the bare minimum for their marketing efforts. They figure it will be good enough. But is it really? Lots of big name marketers talk about moving the free line. But they don’t just talk about it…they do it. We’re practically inundated with videos that, years ago, would have cost you hundreds of dollars to view. Today, we’re getting to see them for free. This makes it harder on the guy who just does the bare minimum to get any share of the market. I mean after all, why should a prospect give you their hard earned money for just a free report when John Doe Big Name Marketer is giving free videos worth hundreds of dollars?

In the long run, the marketer who is willing to go the distance, willing to give more value, is the one who is going to come out on top.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim