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At present, Internet TV Has become an special attention on the market the product. Including major domestic TV makers

TCL , Skyworth, Haier, Changhong , Hisense and so launched the Internet TV: the network transmission via Internet video content to the TV terminal. On the other hand, the major television viewers will be once again worried about “triage”, affect the ratings, SARFT is being closely watched Internet television, brewing introduced regulatory policies. Radio and television manufacturers industrial regulatory policies and market-oriented policies between issue to the big screen has been opened.

In fact, watching network TV through the PC, is currently the main form of network TV ratings, because the relationship between the Internet and the computer most closely. Now commercial operation of the network television system basically belong to this category. System based on PC platform solutions and products is relatively mature, and gradually formed a part of the industry standard. But, based on a variety of entertainment, download the software and Internet resources, benefits

With TV Network TV as the display terminal, the road seems to be exceedingly hard.
Recent media reports, has organized a number of recent SARFT
TV Enterprises will be held in internal communications, the Internet television to promote fear, confusion resulted because of the content of good and bad sources of information, while many high-definition movies and TV series downloads, will be involved in copyright issues. More importantly, heavy television Internet television hostility that will affect the audience, asked radio and television to strengthen regulation.

In fact, the problem is that, through the PC, Web TV is just watching the different display terminals, the content-specific television channel, television content is the “passive acceptance.” However, a variety of entertainment, download the software and a wealth of Internet resources, use of television as a display terminal’s network TV content can be either an established TV channel programs can also be a huge network of video and download the resources, so that the contents of Internet TV greater selectivity, freedom and interaction. Plainly, one is in the computer watching TV, the other is on TV playing the computer. So from that point, if the need to regulate it, really need Internet resources should be the norm.

The impact of network television ratings, the author believes that TV is TV, after all, most consumers buy the original purpose of Internet TV is to increase the television’s playability and selective, rather than as a substitute for the computer.

In China, TV users than PC users significantly, the emergence of network television has brought the people a new way of TV viewing, it changes the mode of passive TV viewing to realize the television on-demand viewing, As with the stop watch.

The traditional broadcast industry, we view IPTV as an opportunity rather than threat, should play actually matter, political, authoritative features and multipoint radio technology and large-scale, wide coverage of the advantages promote the transformation of the television industry, to consider how best to use the Internet for public information

Service . Together with TCL and Thunder, SKYWORTH launch cool the TV, Haier hand, Sina, Sohu Hisense alliance, the surging wave of Internet television. Internet TV by the name of

Home Appliances Manufacturers who are trying to stay away from television, the crowd favorite computer again back to the TV, they play the slogan is: Let the Internet Age

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