Internet Tv Policy Gate National Team Temporarily Lead The Market – Internet Tv, Lcd Tv – Household

a vast reservoir of future Internet TV Market, in the midst of controversy finally ushered in the opportunity. Last week, the CCTV building in CNTV (China Network TV) that will receive their first Internet TV license, the national team again won the support of authorities. It seems in the industry, although the policy of the gate to the private video sites not yet open, but they will compete for business opportunities through a variety of ways, and this competition is bound to fully upgrade.

Effective control over the content transmitted by the national team

In the industry view, SARFT The payment of the first Internet TV license, is a major breakthrough in the policy level and also at the national level for the first time to acknowledge the Internet TV business, which is the larger context and integrate the three networks has a direct relationship.

2009, the Internet was once a country

LCD TV Market, one of the most popular terms, the major appliance manufacturers and Internet content through self and co-operate to provide for the LCD television network resource. But the good time SARFT’s official papers that serious violations of the firms legal rights of copyright holders, and manufacturers must obtain a permit required to carry out the Internet TV business. Since then, both the appliance manufacturer or content companies have begun to wait seemed endless, until the introduction of triple play of development policies.

Some analysts believe that the emergence of the Internet television broadcasting system to bring the traditional and emerging business direct impact, bear the brunt

Advertisement Income is divided, so do not want to relax in the hands of SARFT operating license rights. In addition, the Internet TV had a great controversy was aroused, there is a big reason is the users to download videos and other acts of television related to copyright. In such circumstances, SARFT to the “Radio and Television Department of the national team,” first released the original intention of Internet television licenses become clear that these manufacturers to achieve effective control of Internet content delivery. Thus, the domestic second or even third license, it should be the flowers that have been broadcast IPTV license its video site, “national team” members, while analysts believe that under the Shanghai Media is an Internet TV license was the most possible candidates.

Private enterprises looking for new profit point

Although there is no access to the first Internet TV license, but the market has long coveted the domestic private video sites, nature will not miss this opportunity. For them, the Internet TV business conduct may make their profits out of the relative single-mode, find new profit growth point.

Excitement Network chairman Lv Wensheng told reporters that the release of Internet TV license is expected. In his view, the competent departments in the policies of state institutions to the first tilt, these institutions will first get all business licenses, but private enterprises can also choose a state-owned institutions, and gradually expand the market.

“We believe that Internet TV license is not a ban, but the orderly management of the relevant state departments start. So this is a positive signal.” Superior to Ding Shao Peng Bullock CEO pointed out that private companies do not miss the Internet TV market, In the Internet there are many large chain of private companies to grasp opportunities and needs, so in the past three years, the company has also in preparation. According to reports, this year’s main strategic priorities friends Bullock Internet TV, and Hollywood has been doing, including Warner,

Sony Massive TV drama, etc., content preparation, set up a nationwide CDN content distribution system, is a national telecommunications operators to offer commercial mainstream. At the same time, the company has with the domestic mainstream TV manufacturers a strategic cooperation agreement to address both the technical integration.

Compared to other employees is a private video sites behave more calmly. In his view, the original video release of a similar license, SARFT will certainly be a fairly standard in the market to private enterprise after the release of Internet TV license, and this time should not be too short.

The outbreak of the second half of the market or to achieve BOLA TANGKAS