Interpretation Of China Mengniu Dairy “corner Beyond The” Cheats – Mengniu, Dairy – Food

In the recently concluded a “green recovery” as the theme of the Boao Forum for Asia 2010 annual meeting, Secretary-General of the Boao Forum Long told CCTV reporter interview to point out that post-crisis era in Asia facing “corner beyond the period” the introduction of low-carbon technologies, especially the new low-carbon Energy Technology to achieve leapfrog development in Asia a unique opportunity. As an industry pioneer low-carbon, for four consecutive years invited to participate in the Boao Forum Dairy Leader Mengniu The same call with its own green practices, green industry business development in China is to participate as soon as possible low-carbon technology innovation and low carbon industries, innovation, and actively participate in low-carbon economy “rules of the game” of development, and Europe and the United States and other developed countries for first-class enterprises on the same starting line.

“Corner beyond” is a common racing terms, relative to the straight, the curve on the difficult and many variables. Through the turn, the original leader of the drivers may have corners and behind, and the driver may have been behind the curve ahead of the competition use. In Long view, from the Group of 8 to 20, the global economic governance structure is a new framework, China, India and other developing countries more influence on international affairs, while the introduction of new low-carbon energy technologies is Green led the Asian economic recovery, and ultimately go beyond the “bend.” Practice low-carbon as a pioneer, leading China Mengniu Dairy green recovery, could be seen as Dairy Industry a “corner beyond the” typical case.

From 2008 Financial Overall industry downturn after the financial crisis to the 2009 mid-term one of the world top 20 dairy, and even still on top of industry sales champion, led China Mengniu Dairy green renaissance just a little more than a year, but the eco-development strategy has Mengniu this far ahead. In order to explore the green cycle economic model, Mengniu accumulated investment Environmental protection 400 million yuan of funds, the establishment of tons of sewage treatment plants, purified water into the surrounding farmland irrigation and water production. The Mengniu Ranch gas to generate electricity, sucked cow dung, “turning waste into treasure,” but also to the country each year Home Appliances Network providing 10 million kilowatt hours of electricity.

“Low-carbon, it appears likely that the enterprise began to burden and bondage, but in the long run it is good choice, means that competitive, and even the future of leadership.” It is in the field of innovative low-carbon green investment, Mengniu always maintain the leading position in the industry, the liquid milk market share in the first five consecutive years. Boao Forum, Mengniu use the same personal appeal of green practices, the times after the financial crisis, the Asian economy is facing both opportunities and challenges of the “corner-than-expected” and the use of high-tech “carbon” as a “low carbon” is Chinese milk and the whole Asian economy’s best choice. BOLA TANGKAS