Introduce Some Fresh Earrings Method

Introduce some Fresh Earrings Method

Tie two holes in one ear, the other ear bar three holes, on behalf of “half-hearted”; both sides of the same weight, may not necessarily represent “single-minded,” because two earrings will play split personality, asymmetric; ear bone of a bar row of holes, and then wear a row of earrings or the same or different, sparkling, stunning, but people doubt whether the ear affordable.

The above looks very old-fashioned now, and looks at these new laws bar wearing earrings, both alternative and will not be too ill ears.

S-shaped earrings, pins to wear Law

This is not a Snake, but it like a snake out of this distorted S-shaped earrings, the girls would have been a snake like. But can not put the “snake” inserted into the ear hole straight, because it’s ear and “Snake” is not presented in 90-degree plane angle, but parallel to 180 degrees, so as to like to wear pins wear it to the ear.

Long earrings, miniature version of nunchaku

Pointed at both ends, one long, one short, this is not call you riddles, this is a long earring look. No ear, how to wear in? Not afraid to wear a bold direct. Both ends are in fact sharp ear, pierced ears, after the penetration, natural hanging earrings ear does not become the decorative parts of me? It feels like a different length to a miniature version of nunchuck your ear.

Ear at one end, one end is the clasp

Two thin silver lines of varying length, all originated in the ear, a long line of one end of the Okanagan silver pendants, shorter ear that is the root of the buttons. Wear into the pierced ear; catch the buttons to form a semicircle. Looks like is to a long earrings and earrings with a semi-circle. And so, on the button always worry about accidentally lost.

Wide face earrings, can be under the

This alternative method and the former wearing a relatively close. Also two silver wire, silver wire, but one of the ear is not the bottom line of buttons, but a wide face of earrings, you can fall naturally or directly to the folder in the ear bones, so that the ear like a wearing two different styles of earrings.

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Tips: Choose your face look earrings

1. If you have an oval face, easier to carry, what style of earrings can be worn, but should pay attention to wearing occasions.

2. Has a round face, but also easy to handle, long popular season drape earrings shaped earrings and just hit it with such a round face, extending down to create visual effects, it seems more mature and pretty.

3. Gentle girl with glasses, or earrings to curb their love of fashion this season, because glasses have been occupied in a large area of the face, and only small earrings to wear as a decoration, can become the size of scattered, do not have fun.

4. Delicate petite girl, the best and do not rush earrings popular times this season, the earrings are extremely complex, will visually oriented down. BOLA TANGKAS