Invitations and Announcements For Those Special Occasions

A graduation, whether it is from high school or college, is a big deal and something that you might want to share with those that you are closest too. Many people choose to send out graduation invitations or even just graduation announcements. You can usually get the invitations to the actual ceremony through the school. Ordering through the school is a great idea because you can get the mascot and colors printed beautifully and all of the information will be correct. In addition, you may get a discount on your order. These invitations will go out to those that you want to actually come to the graduation ceremony.

Graduation announcements will go out to those that you want to inform about the big day but don’t necessarily need to see at the ceremony. The announcement can also contain information about a graduation party that you might host. This is just a simple way to let someone know that you graduated and you are moving onto a new period of your life.

Moving announcements are much the same as graduation announcements. The announcement lets people know that you are moving, whether it is down the street or across the country. You can let people know the date of your move and your new phone number and address. If you’ll be having a moving or going away party you can also include this information so that everyone that you are close to can help you celebrate this new beginning in your life.

Rehearsal dinner invitations should go out a couple weeks before the wedding. These are generally reserved for the wedding party and parents of the bride and groom. These go out to invite everyone to come to a dinner after the wedding rehearsal. This is often a great time because everyone has gone through the plan and after all of the planning and organizing it is a great opportunity to relax and be surrounded by the people that you are closest to. Many brides and grooms have great memories from their rehearsal dinners. Sending out these invitations is not necessary, but it is often a lovely formality that you will be glad you did later on.

All of these invitations and announcements can be ordered any number of places. You might want to start out shopping locally so you can get a feel for the different papers and card stock options and you will also be able to look at the different scripts to see what you like best. If you do this you’ll find what you like and then you can comparison shop and see where you can get the look that you want for the best price, so you can keep your big day, whatever it may be, on budget.