Is a Free Xbox 360 Elite Ad Legit?

In the past, there would have been some scams that managed to pull the wool over the eyes of many Americans who might believe they are getting what is being advertised. Of course, the truth in labeling laws require that people ought to know what they are in for and whatever is needed in order to make it happen. Considering the complexity of marketing strategies and the usage of the Internet, among these sites that came out are the ones that promise a free Xbox 360 Elite.

Gamers and those with 36- or 48-inch HDTVs would not mind getting a next generation console such as the Xbox in their living room, as it adds to the enhancement of video pleasure. Even though the actual SRP for the said console is considerably lower compared to those from last year and a half ago, there have been doubts over its performance, especially the infamous ‘red ring of death’- a hardware error that has been apparent during the new Xbox’s initial release. Of course, the malfunction has been rectified and once again the console is back within the charts among the bestsellers, although the price tag remains to be a bit steep. Rather than spending money, why not find an ad that says get a free Xbox 360 Elite?

The websites that feature such an extravagant gift would be a tempting offer, and various news articles have featured some of these websites to be legit. To list some requirements, most of these websites are funded by getting sponsors that relate to gaming, gadgets and anything else of interest, which allows the ‘freebie’ website to earn the revenue for the free Xbox 360 Elite. For the interested parties, all they need to do is to sign up, answer some questionnaires and the like and they can receive it depending on their terms and regulations.

It may feel like entering in a contest that offers the Xbox console as one of the prizes, yet there have been testimonies that claim it works. Other ways these websites earn more revenue is the introduction of the ‘click ads’ system. The web host will provide a few websites to click on, a new window or tab opens up and they are required to remain in the ad for half a minute before closing it to move on to the next one. Points will be awarded on a daily basis until the user manages to get enough to win the free Xbox 360 Elite.

It would have been different if people can get a free Xbox 360 Elite the easier way, although they are limited at times, usually through mall- or company-sponsored events and the chances are limited to the said number of winners. The idea of getting a free Xbox 360 Elite through such websites is among the innovations that has expounded more on the concept of annoying popup ads, which in turn are legitimate ads that are paid for by companies for brand exposure. At this point, getting a free Xbox may be the real thing after all.
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