Is Application Specific Web Hosting What You Need?

A very unique and specialized form of web hosting is application-specific hosting. Essentially, this is web hosting that is not meant for typical websites, but unique ones that cater to one area of the internet world. The main hosting types are blog, guild, image, video, wiki farm, application and social network.

Blog hosting is meant for the expressed purpose of hosting blogs. It hosts blogs, and allows users to write, edit and publish their blogs on the service. Many of these also have web syndication features that allow the blogs to be syndicated throughout the internet.

Guild hosting is meant only for the gaming community. Guilds are groups of players who work together in online games like World of Warcraft. These services provide players with the ability to have application and communication tools outside of the gaming environment.

Image hosting allows users who use the service to put images directly onto a website. The images are stored on the web hosts server, giving individuals the ability to have their images somewhere else to keep them safe as a result and to showcase them to the outside world.

Video hosting services, like, allow users to upload video clips to a website. The video clips are stored on a server, giving users the ability to showcase the videos across the internet.

Wiki farm web hosting allows people to create wikis, which are online encyclopedias about a variety of topics. Wiki farms are when there are a large number of wikis on one server, essentially making it a farm.

Application hosting allows users to host applications, like games and business programs, over the internet using Software as a Service. This works well for companies who have a workforce spread across a large geographical area, or any company that specializes in online gaming.

Social networking hosting is a service that hosts social networking sites, giving regular internet users the ability to create sites that are limited in scope to Facebook, but which can cater to only their small group of friends.

As can be seen by the wide variety of options, the world of web hosting is varied and diverse. For every need on the internet, there is a web hosting opportunity available to those who want it.