Is Bottled Water Worth It?

The level of bottled water sales has been increasing by some thing like 7 to eight% every year for the previous decade or so. Worldwide consumption is estimated to have doubled amongst 1997 and 2005.

Worldwide, about about 200 billion bottles are sold each and every year. The US industry makes up the lion’s share of this accounting for about 25% of international sales.

There has been fairly a backlash against the use of bottled water recently. The important concern for several being the environmental effect of bottled water. Polyethyleneterphthalate (PET) is the material used for most of these bottles. It is, to be fair, a material which can be recycled. The difficulty is that recycling levels are estimated at much less than 25%.

Environmentalist are also concerned about the energy used for production, transportation and disposal of the bottles. In comparison with regular tap water, the carbon emissions required to make bottled water are greater by a element of 5,000 instances per litre.

There is no proof, despite the really powerful advertising of the bottled water producers, that such water is any far better for your wellness than widespread or garden tap water. Some bottled waters have even been discovered to contain uranium or estrogenic chemicals. Salt is also present in some bottled waters – which is not great for your blood pressure.

When it comes to taste there is no evidence that indicates bottled water is, in any way superior to tap water. A blind tasting in London placed London tap water in third spot out of 24 diverse waters. In the USA, an episode of Penn and Teller (hardly scientific but absolutely worth a mention) proved that diners could not distinguish amongst water from a garden hose and bottled water.

Any expense comparison will be hugely dependent upon which brand of bottled water is being employed for comparison – but bottled water normally charges several hundred occasions a lot more, on a per unit basis, than normal tap water.

What ever way you look at it, regardless of whether in terms of environmental effect, well being, taste or cost – bottled water doesn’t seem to have much to recommend it. If you really never like the taste of the water from your tap then you could constantly take into account some kind of filtration system. The cost will be a little greater than tap water, but really considerably less than bottled water. Making use of a remedy like a water filter jug is also environmentally friendly as all components of the filters are recyclable.

Of course, if home filtration systems are great for when you’re at property – but if you like to carry water with you when you are out and about then you could use and reuse a bottle which you fill at home, or the office, ahead of you leave. Once more, Brita Water are a very good example getting combined with international designer Orla Kiely to create the Wottle – which claims to be the world’s very first designer reusable bottle and is manufactured from one hundred% recycled material. Or do your personal recycling and use an old soda bottle.