Is Cellmass Still Among The Best Creatines?

A few years back, when there wasn’t thousands types of creatine supplements on the shelves, BSN created Cellmass. Cellmass was produced to be taken with BSN’s pre workout product, NO X-Plode. You were to use NO X-Plode before your training and Cellmass after your workout.

This supplement has been on the market for some years now. Actually, BSN has plans to reformulate and repackage it, just like they did with NO X-Plode NT. Maybe it is because it has fallen behind some other supplement makers in popularity. That is the nature of the beast when it comes to the supplement industry. If your product is the most popular one, it won’t be the most popular for long.

Cellmass still seems to be a pretty good supplement. There are some different types of creatine in the formula, as well as ingredients to buffer lactic acid. The amino acid L-glutamine is also a major player in the formula. Glutamine has long been touted as a supplement that assists your body in recovery. After all, glutamine is the most abundant amino in our body and it is used quickly during strenuous activity.

So, with BSN Cellmass you get the cell volumizing, muscle energy replenishment through ATP replenishment to assist in recovery, added leverage due to the water retention in the muscle tissues, and a plethora of other benefits. Creatine should be a staple in any fitness enthusiast’s supplement program regardless of whether they are trying to lose fat or gain muscle.

This product still has some loyal followers and will use it on a regular basis. In my humble opinion, Cell mass should be helpful, but it won’t do anything super human for you. You should gain a few pounds of water which should help with your leverage. If you eat enough good food and train hard, you will be able to put on some good, solid muscle mass.

As mentioned previously, creatine is beneficial for everyone, regardless of your physique goals. It is one of few compounds in the supplement world that actually does work. I would consider it an important supplement for people who are really wanting to take their physiques to a higher level. BSN has had some issues in the past with their products. I think now would be a pretty good time to try these newer formulated products since BSN is under such a microscope at this time. With that being said, I would still say that Cellmass would be one fo the creatine products one could use and potentially see some good

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