Is China Really Needed in the Global Economy?

China will soon be the second largest country in economic GDP, and it appears that “IF” they can control their inflation, thirst for resources, and population base from causing a severe economic disruption during their industrial revolution. But one has to ask, if all this economic exponential year-over-year growth is really good for China, or if it is really good for the rest of the world? We currently know that China is polluting their environment to the point of exhaustion.

The amount of pollution that they produce is not only creating dead zones of nearly 400 square miles off the coast of Shanghai and the nearest coast to Beijing, but the amount of air pollution they are creating is causing health problems throughout Asia, and that air pollution is even measured in California all the way across the Pacific Ocean.

Thanks to the American consumer and middle class we have helped China row with this rapid pace since the 1970s. We bare some of the responsibility also for this runaway calamity. Now, China is seeking other markets such as the European Union and hopes to exploit it in the same way. They are causing severe problems in trade deficits, not only in the United States, but in the EU, South America, Africa, and Australia. Even though they buy raw materials, and oil from other nations at a pretty large clip, they are still causing a vacuum effect and the rest of the world.

Whereas, they are exploiting their workforce, causing healthcare problems due to pollution, polluting the oceans off their coasts, and destroying trade deficits throughout the world, one has to ask; is China really needed in the global economy? Yes, China is a major player in the World Trade Organization (WTO), but if China is not controlled, its exploits could sink the global economy, along with its new Treasure Fleet.

Is it worth it?

After long consideration of all these facts, and watching China’s behavior in world economic affairs, the answer is clearly; no. If China will not or cannot do better than this, then they clearly are not needed, and they distract us from a united world of global economic prosperity. China does what’s best for China, and they could care less about anyone else. A global economy has to work together, and this Global Economy and planet cannot afford a nation like China. It’s time for a change, one that is a long-time in coming from our trading partners in Beijing. Please consider all this.