Is China Testing Biological Weapons in Their Rural Provinces?

Just when you thought you’ve heard all the conspiracy theories in the world, another one pops up even more intriguing than the last. It is as if you are reading a Tom Clancy Novel sometimes, and interestingly enough, often, the real world can be better than a novel. Seriously, it would be hard to make that kind of stuff up. Well here is one for you, told to me by a world traveler that knows quite a few interesting people in the world.

He noted that in rural China, there was a huge outbreak of bird flu. It happened to be in the same area they were trying to get peasants to leave as they flooded the area because of the Three Gorges Dam project. It is well known that China had hired quite a few biological weapons scientists after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Could it be that they were testing new strains of bird flu on their own people. When I heard this conspiracy theory, at first I didn’t believe it, but then I did some checking.

It turns out in the last three or four years there have been incredible outbreaks of various strains of flu in rural China. In fact, there was one instance where they culled over 12,000 migratory birds, and there were countless humans involved, but China would not release the information to the rest of the world.

Recently, there have been outbreaks of bubonic plague and other unbelievably deadly strains of virus. Could this be trying to kill two birds with one stone; a little ethnic cleansing, a little removal of unwanted populations in areas where there are natural resources, or territorial disputes?

Although today this is only a conspiracy theory, I found it rather interesting when someone asked me the question; “is China Testing biological weapons in Their Rural provinces?” Please consider this latest crazy concocted story.

Not long ago, I mentioned this to Guang Wu, the author of a new book; “China: Has the Last Opportunity Passed by!?” and he is a researcher in a closely related field and assured me that this was not true, and yet, I think you should read his book to determine if you think there is something behind it all.