Is Ganoderma Effective in Preventing Swine Flu Virus?

Swine flu or H1N1 virus can be easily misunderstood as a common flu. It has all the symptoms of a common flu and this is the reason why it is spreading like wild fire across the continents. Some people have recently claimed that traditional chinese medicines can not only be used to prevent its infection but also to cure this deadly virus. An article published from Ditan Hospital in Beijing has explicitly reported this.

Ganoderma is one of the well known Traditional Chinese Medicine which has been found to be effective on a number of modern health problems but how can it help us in our fight against Swine-flu virus too. Well, I don’t have any doubts about ganoderma’s worthiness but how can we be sure it can really help us or our family. I’ve read a number of reports on symptoms of H1N1 i.e. Swine flu virus and precautions to prevent getting infected from it.

If  we look at the symptoms of Swine Flu which are nothing but symptoms that are commonly caused by cold or flu which may or may not be caused due to swine flu.  Now, if we can prevent these symptoms then we can easily prevent a H1N1 virus infection. Can we be infected with this contagious swine flu and test H1N1 positive without showing any of these symptoms. I do not think that anyone can skip these symptoms get infected with this deadly virus.

How Ganoderma can help in preventing Swine-Flu Symptoms?

Preventing Coldness or Chill
Preventing Cough
Preventing Body Fatigue
Anti inflammatory properties of Ganoderma prevent fever
Head aches and Body Aches
Sore throat
Stuffy nose

Anyone who is healthy and fit with or without using ganoderma or any other traditional or alternative herbs and his/her immunity system is also good  can easily  prevent getting infected with any such virus if he/she is also following some precautionary measures.

Those who are  taking herbs as a preventive health maintenance measure for quiet some time now will have further improved there immunity system and are therefore less likely to get infected.

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