Is it Possible That Lap Band Surgery Lowers the Shocking Obesity Statistics?

Obesity has become one of the hottest topics nowadays as the World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that obesity is the biggest unrecognized health problem in the world currently. The shocking obesity statistics have shown that there are more and more people in the world suffering from weight problems. The increasing rate has reached an alarming level. Obesity is a major health risk to all people which involves kids, teens and adults. It is associated with a large number of very important diseases.

In fact, there are many weigh loss options to assist obese people to solve their problem. Until today, the most effective and safest method for weight loss is lap band surgery. It is the latest surgery which is customized for individuals who have body mass index (BMI) of 40 and above.

The main objective of having this particular surgical procedure is to assist those obese people who are suffering from severe overweight problems to achieve weight loss in long term. It helps to reduce the capacity of the stomach to take in lesser food. In another words, it helps to restrict the quantity of food to be held by the stomach. Does lap band surgery have the ability to reduce the shocking obesity statistics?

Lap band surgery involves a high surgical fee as well as intensive care after the operation. In those advanced countries, it is quite possible that lap band surgery can assist to reduce the number of obese people as the patients are more affordable to the expensive surgical expenses.

Even some of the patients can’t afford to pay the high surgical fees; there are many insurance companies and financial institutions which are available to offer financial assistance to them for lap band surgery to assist them to manage their medical payment.

In fact, lap band surgery is indeed the best method to overcome obesity. This surgical procedure includes implanting a gastric band (an inflatable silicone device) around the top portion of the stomach. The placement of the band creates a small “bag” above the stomach. This “bag” can hold about 110 to 220 grams of food from each meal. As the bag is filled with food, the band helps to shift the food to the lower part of the stomach in a slower process.

Hence, the patients would feel full for a longer period of time and their digestion process is slowed down. As a result, the patients do not feel hungry so fast and this restricts the patients from eating more. In the long run, it encourages weight loss and helps the patients to maintain a healthy weight level.

In conclusion, lap band surgery is able to decrease the shocking obesity rates within the society, especially if the patients are following the doctors’ instructions well after the operation. They must also be consistent in applying balanced diet and healthy lifestyle in their daily life. The objective of reducing obesity problems among the population in the long run is actually achievable.