Is Popping Pimples a Good Idea?

Popping pimples does much more than shoot a burst of sebum off of your face. It may seem like a good idea at the time, but there are better solutions. Squeezing them can cause long-term damage to your face and make your acne worse, not to mention waste a lot of time staring in the mirror. This article will take a look at the damage that it can cause and how to determine if you need a long-term treatment.

When you push on your face to pop a pimple, you are digging your fingers into the soft tissue that lies directly beneath the surface. If this tissue is damaged it’s much more susceptible to acne scarring later on. Popping zits is not worth the damage of acne scars, and it’s certainly not worth the cost of treating the scars. Also, when a pimple is popped, it leaves an open wound right there on your face. If you haven’t taken measures to make sure that your face and hands are clean and sanitized, your open zit will become a magnet for infection. A huge infection on your face is much worse than a pimple any day!

Popping pimples also creates more acne by spreading the goo that comes out of it all over your face. I know this sounds gross, but how many times have you washed your face directly after popping a zit? Probably not very many. That goo will end up in your other pores and add to the acne that’s already building up inside them.

If you’re continually suffering from acne and pimples, it may be time to look into long-term acne treatments. There are dozens of cleansing systems and creams on the market. Finding the one for you is as easy as trying them out, but you must stick to one to allow it time to work its magic.