Is Satellite Better Than Cable? Find Out What You Need to Know

Is satellite better than cable? This is a question that should be explored in great detail when you are making the important decision of what television provider to choose.

Actually, it depends on the viewer. What’s perfect for you may not be at all suitable for your neighbor or your brother. Ask any sports fan and he’ll immediately insist that life wasn’t worth living until satellite came along; with access to any sport anytime, anywhere. “Is satellite better than cable?” is tough to answer. For someone who has a fifteen year old TV and is happy watching the news and maybe a Saturday night movie, she may be very happy with cable and sees no reason to change.

If you are a viewer who enjoys TV, likes variety, has kids, and listens to a lot of music, satellite is probably the venue for you – whether you like sports or not. Chances are you already have HD flat screen TVs throughout your house and are ready to go.

Satellite also has many hidden benefits that cable doesn’t have. So, is satellite better than cable? In some respects, yes, especially if you like to have total control of what you see, and when, and how. Satellite comes standard with real HD viewing, and DVR capabilities. Cable doesn’t. This means you can see any show that’s already been on, plus you can pause, rewind, fast forward – just like that old VCR you had. You don’t even need to plan ahead! You don’t program, you don’t tape, you don’t do anything except choose what you want when you want it.

Now let’s talk about pricing. People have complained for years how expensive their cable bill has been. Even without premium channels many families are paying about $ 60 a month for standard cable. Plus, they pay for a box rental for each TV.

With satellite’s 200 plus channels, you are really paying only a fraction of what your cable would be. You also get free DVR (OK, you have to rent the box, but it’s worth it!). If you were to keep cable and buy your own DVR at about $ 350, it still wouldn’t give you the opportunity to view what is available with satellite. Is satellite better than cable? Only if you’re interested in price, quality, quantity, technology, and the ability to upgrade and change with the times.

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