Is Signed Arsenal Memorabilia Set To Go Up In Value?

Its been a pretty good season for the Gunners. Still in with a shout in four cup competitions and riding high in the Premier League, the North London boys look set to finish the 2010-2011 season with at least a brace of honours. That makes any Arsenal sports memorabilia associated with this years competitions a likely candidate for holding value once all the final whistles have blown and the fans have gone home.

Signed Arsenal memorabilia should be a particularly good candidate for retaining value and maybe even going up. The thing about any signed memorabilia is that it is directly associated with a particular team: so, should Arsenal do themselves proud in honours this time around, items of memorabilia bearing the signatures of the Emirates Stadium legends involved with the famous victories will become coveted objects indeed.

Sports memorabilia does that to a fan. An item of signed memorabilia gives you a physical connection with those games, those moments in your teams history that ring down through the years and inform the hopes and fears of subsequent generations of players and fans. I know a man who owns one of the socks Paul Gascoigne was wearing when he scored that incredible keepy-uppy goal against Scotland in Euro 96. Hes never washed it and he never will. That sock is his totem of a historical moment witnessed and shared.

Any signed Arsenal memorabilia associated with this season in general looks like being a good bet for doing the same thing for all the fans, old and new, who travel to see their team challenge Manchester United for top spot at home or who wait with bated breath to see if those Barca ghosts can finally be laid to rest in the Champions League.

An item of sports memorabilia directly associated with one of those nights is going to be even better. The more personal the association, the more powerful the totem. As Gunners all over the country gird their metaphorical loins to help raise their team in battle against the combined foes of all their Cup adversaries, anything they can get their hands on a signed programme, a signed shirt or even a dirty sock will become emblematic of their own part in the struggle. Itll be kept for years, hauled out on special occasions to show the kids. And it will be worth an ever increasing amount of money.

It is nice to know that your prized possessions have some kind of monetary worth. Any true Gunner owning a piece of signed Arsenal memorabilia is never going to part with it: but to know that its personal worth is reflected in the value that sports memorabilia enthusiasts place on it is satisfying indeed.

Any Gunners who dont manage to get their hands on a piece of signed memorabilia at the Barca game, or the cup final, or that Premier League deciding match: dont worry. You can find and buy signed Arsenal gear online too. Get it now before it all goes. BOLA TANGKAS