Is Succeeding Really Difficult?

Doing a search on the Internet, we find a lot of material about success. There are numerous books and teachings on how to achieve success.

I find that most of these secrets of success are not easy to follow.

Many focus on changing our attitude. They advise us to change some subtle habits, which practically is very difficult. I do agree that attitude is a key to success, but is it easy to change our attitude?

Many teach us personal success tips such as body language, how to smile and all such behavioral aspects. I am doubtful about the success of these kind of personality development programmes. These do help beginners learn how to behave properly. Solely depending on these may give short term results, but do not give you big success.

Steps to success begin from realizing the true fundamentals of life. For example, how many of us have imprinted in our heart that we need to succeed not merely for our own growth, but actually for the integral growth of the world? How many of us realize that it is not our choice, but our duty to grow? Our body is the proof, which grows irrespective of our conscious wish.

Many of us think that succeeding is competitive, and we need to work hard to win. But it is not true. Quite opposite to the common belief that the world has limited resources and opportunities, for which people are competing, the world is infinitely evolving. Businesses are stacked. The output of one business grooms many.

True success comes through value creation, and not mere competition. Opportunities of value creation, when executed, give birth to many more opportunities. This way the world grows. If you operate in the creative plane, all other entities and forces in the world start supporting you, because they see their success in yours.

This makes growing, succeeding or getting rich is the easiest task in the world. You just need to be serious about it and follow certain simple steps.

Succeeding does not require any extraordinary skill. Anybody in the world can easily succeed. The book True Fundamentals of Life elaborates how to naturally get yourself aligned to big success.