Is the M Edge Kindle Cover the Best Leather Cover You Can Buy?

Most people who spend $ 300 on an electronic device want something to protect it and that is exactly what the M Edge Kindle cover offers. For about $ 45 you get a leather cover with some internal pockets and enough padding to keep your Kindle from being damaged by all the bumps and dings it can get when it travels around with you. But if you have heard horror stories about some leather covers actually being the cause of damage to the Kindle, you might be a little wary. Fortunately, the M Edge Kindle cover poses no such threat.

What it does offer is a much higher quality feel that other similarly priced covers. Sure, you can spend over $ 100 on a cover that would rival most designer handbags, but not everyone wants to shell out that kind of money for something that is intended to take the damage the Kindle would otherwise sustain. Since the price is low, you won’t feel so bad if your cover does get a scratch or two. After all, that’s why you bought it. You will get plenty of utility from this cover, but you also get a look and feel that you would expect to pay a lot more for.

What you won’t get is the slim attractive look of the Kindle anymore. The cover, although great for protecting the Kindle, does add a great deal of heft. The overall size increases quite a bit and it noticeable when you close the Kindle with the cover on. You also add a bit of weight to the e-reader. If you really love the sleek look of your Kindle, this may not be very appealing to you.

But if you are looking toward buying the Amazon leather cover, you may be swayed back when you find out that the Amazon cover actually poses a threat of damage to the Kindle. While the hinge system on Amazon’s cover is very unique, in rare situations it can damage the Kindle. The M Edge Kindle cover does not have the advanced spine of the Amazon cover, but it will protect your favorite ebookk reader just as well.