Is the Pritikin Diet Good For All? A Very-Low-Fat Weight Loss Program High in Carbohydrates

The Pritikin diet may be considered the first generation diet. It has been around as early as 1979. It advocates minimum consumption of fats while giving its followers the leisure of indulging on high-carbohydrate foods especially the vegetable and fruit varieties. However, processed foods that are high in carbohydrates, such as white breads and pastas, are eliminated from the list of foods along with all kinds of fat.


– The food choices are downright healthy. These are mostly composed of fruits, grains, and vegetables. Fats are trimmed down to less than the daily-recommended amounts.
– There are no portion restrictions except for fats, processed foods, and animal meats.
– Alcohol consumption can be consumed in moderation.
– It does not require special foods or special products.


– Weight loss solutions such as this are low on fat, thus preventing unwanted weight gain. However, they also lead to overeating.
– Not everyone can adapt to the degree of restriction this diet supports. It is also not good for people who enjoy dining out a lot as it dramatically limits options to vegan-style foods and recipes.
– The kinds of food this method sponsors normally produce a lot of gas.
– The duration of the diet is indefinite
– Caffeine consumption must be limited.

Is It Good For Everyone?

The answer to whether this particular diet is good for everyone or not is qualified according to the criteria mentioned. It is always a good idea to seek professional advice from a physician, a nutritionist, or a dietician.

Based on the aforementioned parameters, the diet is good for mostly everyone. It is particularly good for people who are suffering from cardiovascular problems. After all, the diet was developed for them. It is also a good weight loss tool since the fat restriction and the generally healthy food selections are enough to prevent excess input of calories.