Is There A Best Book For Overcoming Anxiety?

So what is the best anxiety book? There are many books on the market on this subject so how can we choose the best anxiety book for overcoming anxiety.
However, I’ve been fortunate enough to discover a fantastic book that I believe outshines the rest.
I’ve found this book to be timeless in its application.
One reason why it struck me as excellent in its approach is that it can be used both by the sufferer of anxiety and by a therapist working with suffers of anxiety.
I came across this book by happy coincidence.
I spent a desperate period searching for an effective book to help me overcome severe anxiety.
Looking back I realise how lucky I was to discover this book.
It is inspirational, both in terms of understanding the situations and providing simple and effective techniques to allow one to control anxiety.
The overcoming anxiety book is Self Help for your Nerves by Dr. Claire Weekes.
What else would make me rate this book so highly?
This is the type of anxiety book which you will find yourself wanting to read and re-read again and again.
It also removes the sense of isolation that can come from suffering in a state of anxiety.
The book is supportive and gives hope to the reader. Its authenticity and integrity really come through.
Even though there has been so much work carried out in this area since this anxiety book was written it still has a unique perspective.
‘Self help for your Nerves’ is practical, easy to use and also provides an empathetic understanding of anxiety.
There’s a sense of being guided by a caring and knowing hand as you read through this book. You don’t feel alone in the process of overcoming your anxiety.
This book is written in a unique way so that there is always something you can learn by re-reading or just dipping in anywhere to look at it again, gaining pearls of wisdom.
It explains an anxious state better than any other I have read.
It describes how anxiety is so easy to suffer from.
But as well as detailing the problem it provides simple, yet very effective, techniques to help you overcome anxiety.
Also, there is a brilliant description of more serious nervous illness, and how that too, can be dealt with and overcome.
Many years later, having worked as a therapist, I read and researched hundreds of books.
Of all of them, I’ve found Claire Weekes anxiety book to contain an inspirational element as it guides the reader through the process of overcoming anxiety.
So years and books later, I’ve found my opinion and regard for Weekes’ book to remain unchanged. Self Help for your Nerves remains one of the top books in its field. BOLA TANGKAS