Is This the Greatest Grilled Chicken Marinade Recipe?

Whenever I’m on holiday I constantly take my trusty charcoal grill with me. It is absolutely nothing fancy, just a cast iron fire grate with an adjustable cooking grid above it. My favourite pastime and one particular thing that by no means ceases to unwind me is sitting by my grill watching the food sizzle and spit on the coals while I sip a good cold glass of white wine.

Grilling for me is not just about the smell and tastes it is also about the sight and sound too and there’s practically nothing to beat those sounds with each other with the sight of smoke lightly wisping into the warm evening air – wonderful. I wish it could go on forever so I try and make it final as long as achievable.

The best way to do this I find is a spatchcocked chicken. It really is does not take significantly work to manage due to the fact all you have to do is turn it over following twenty to twenty five minutes and grill the other side – ideal for my relaxation therapy! To be honest if I’m in a genuinely lazy mood then a liberal dusting with salt and pepper is perfectly sufficient to make fantastic tasting chicken with a golden crispy skin but then sometimes it’s nice to do something a small different.

My vacation this final year took me to the Amalfi coast of Italy. Dramatic scenery, lovely blue Mediterranean sea, rocky coast line with amazingly dangerous raods and crazy Italian drivers. Driving along the roads was a feat of concentration in itself but occasionally I got to look at the view rather than concentrating solely on exactly where I was going (and what was hurtling towards me in the other path!). By the roadside had been the regional farmers selling their wares and my oh my I have not noticed lemons so big and ripe in a long time so I just had to cease.

Lemon got me considering since traditionally it goes excellent with chicken and I could feel a marinade recipe coming on. Keeping it easy I purchased a couple of lemons a bulb of garlic and a clump of basil and headed back to my camp ground realizing that the rest of the components for my notion have been off the shelf.

I took the zest and juice of a single of the lemons and placed it in a small mixing bowl, chopped in a clove of garlic and ripped up the basil leaves. I completed it off with a tablespoon of olive oil and then with my grilled chicken marinade recipe prepared I set about to spatchcock my chicken.

After the chicken was flat I put my hand under the skin and gently parted the skin from the flesh of the bird taking care not to break the skin. From the breast I was in a position to gently move onto the thighs and portion the skin there so I’d got most of the bird obtainable for my marinade. I poured the marinade beneath the skin and onto the meat and then gave it a bit of work with my hands to ensure an even spread of basil and garlic.

Salt and pepper to season the skin and I was ready to grill, medium hot coals, twenty to twenty 5 minutes each side – oh, and never overlook the chilled glass of wine!
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