Is Trevo Going To Get A Piece Of The $500 Billion Dollar Wellness Industry?

It is no secret that there is an abundance of network marketing companies that are focused on the wellness industry.  Some people think that this is just a fad with network marketing companies, but new companies are emerging in the wellness industry every day.  The wellness industry is a $ 500 billion dollar industry, and companies like Trevo are banking on the fact that it is going to continue to grow.

Pale Zane Pilzner was quoted saying that the wellness industry is going to be a trillion dollar industry within the next few years.  Whatever you may believe, it is hard to deny that the health and wellness industry is booming.  The question is, does Trevo have what it takes to get a piece of this $ 500 billion dollar pie?

I am not a part of Trevo, but after doing some extensive research I have found that they have a good chance of becoming a contender in the competitive health and wellness industry.  Trevo has marketing systems in place, so that they can start utilizing internet marketing… Smart move.  They also have a strong product line that is helping people of all ages to become more healthy.

Trevo is quick to say that their product is like no other product on the market.  They explain why their product is better than any other health product in the world. How many MLM companies have said this before? 

The secret to the success of Trevo is going to be their ability to get a lot of reps to recruit just a few people.  This is how giant network marketing organizations are build.  They focus on teaching their reps duplicatable processes so that they can quickly recruit a few people, usually friends and family.

If you want to take it to the next level and recruit more than a few people, you will have to learn how to market.  Trevo will not teach you how to become a marketer because it is not duplicatable.  Remember, they are focused entirely on a lot of reps recruiting just a few people each. 

Are you going to get rich simply by recruiting a couple reps?  I won’t answer that, I will just say that if you want to learn how to become more than just a distributor you will have to learn how to market.  Having a marketing system isn’t enough if you have to buy traffic to send through it.

It may take some time and effort on your part to learn how to drive traffic and develop a marketing strategy, but that is how the top producers continue to recruit. It is necessary to have a system that allows you to generate leads and introduce your business to new people on a consistent basis.

Overall, I think Trevo has the systems and products in place to become a contender in the wellness industry. Even though there are hundreds of other MLM companies in this niche, it continues to grow, making room for companies like Trevo. The real question is, do you have a marketing strategy to implement with this company?