Is Your Church Social? Element eight: Facebook – A Private Touch

In my final write-up I talked about making a Facebook Page for your church. Facebook Pages are great, but there are some features in the Facebook Profiles which are not obtainable in Facebook Pages. Sadly, these deficiencies have seriously weakened the effectiveness of Facebook Pages for churches. So, for your Facebook church advertising approach, I advocate thinking about producing both.

Why Do I Want Both?
Merely place, Facebook Pages has some functions that would be advantageous to your social church advertising and marketing and maintaining your church members informed and a private Facebook Profile has some other features which are also beneficial. The other way of placing it is that neither Facebook Pages nor Facebook Profiles are fairly up to the activity on their own.

Your Facebook Profile:
A single of the excellent characteristics of Facebook is the news stories that are designed inside your profile. When you add someone as a buddy, each and every time they do some thing in their profile, like add photos or post a comment, a news story is created in your profile. Similarly, anytime you do some thing in your profile a news story is designed in your friends’ profiles. This is fantastic simply because it makes it possible for men and women to preserve up with what is happening in their friends’ profiles with out possessing to go verify each and every individual friend’s profile one particular at a time. Every little thing is done from inside your profile.

The weakness of the Facebook Pages is that all these things done on the page do not necessarily create a news story in your fans profiles. So, in numerous instances, fans have to actually go check the church’s Facebook Web page to see what’s happening. This hinders communication and leads to much less individuals maintaining up with the church’s web page due to the fact there isn’t that continual reminder of a news story to go verify the page. That’s why I suggest thinking about having each a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Web page.

The trick is that Facebook does not permit churches (or any other organization/organization) to generate a profile. Profiles are only for people. Luckily, most churches have individuals in them.

Generate a Facebook Profile for a member of the church and have that profile be an extension of the church’s Facebook Page. For our example, let’s say we make a profile for the Pastor. When you post messages on the church’s Facebook Page, post a message in the Pastor’s profile as effectively. Do the exact same with images and events. By having a profile and a page you can have the benefits of the features of Facebook Pages and the communication of the news stories created by the Pastor’s Facebook Profile.

The Draw Backs:
There are a couple of draw backs to having both a church Facebook Page and a member or Pastor Facebook Profile.

*It’s a lot more complicated. You end up possessing to post a lot of items twice so they are on both the web page and the profile.
*Messages written on the wall of the church Page’s Wall do not develop news stories. Unfortunately, there really is not any way to have this happen unless Facebook decides to make it feasible. They have improved the Pages more than the previous several months, so here’s hoping…
*If the Pastor creates a profile to be utilized for the church, they can’t generate a second personal profile. Technically, I guess you could, but it does violate the terms of service and Facebook could suspend both profiles if they discovered what you’d carried out. If the Pastor doesn’t thoughts obtaining the church stuff in his individual profile and his private stuff in his church profile, then this is not an concern, but if they wouldn’t want to combine the personal and the church, then you have to make a option.

By utilizing each a Facebook Page and a Facebook Profile in your church advertising method you are far better in a position to engage your congregation and your congregation’s friends. Once you have produced each the Web page and the Profile, encourage the members of your congregation who use Facebook to grow to be each a fan and a friend. For these who do not use Facebook, you could recommend they give is a attempt. It’s a fantastic way to foster neighborhood and boost communication. It really is also a fantastic way to evangelize which I will speak about in a later post.
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