Is Your Church Social? Part 7: Facebook – Give your church a Face lift

If you are a person (and most of us are) you can create a Facebook profile to reconnect with old close friends, keep in touch with family members and friends and meet new folks on-line. Churches, on the other hand, cannot produce a profile as profiles are restricted to people. Churches have to create a Facebook Web page which functions a tiny differently than a profile.

Your Church’s Facebook Page:
The Facebook Page for your church is a very good way to get your church into the social networking scene. With Facebook being so popular, having your church where people are and possessing your church involved exactly where your members and other folks are involved is a wonderful way to connect with men and women.

The Facebook Web page allows your church, as an organization, to have an official presence in Facebook, which is wonderful for church marketing.

*The first step is to add a excellent profile picture. Many churches use a photo of their church creating. That is fine, but I’d encourage you to use images of folks. Individuals connect much better with men and women than with buildings and right after all, the church is the folks, not the creating.
*Next add the church’s get in touch with information and some descriptive data about the church. If you have a church website, be certain to include the net address for the official church internet site.
*From there you can add whatever data/content you want. You can list events, publish images and photographs, produce discussion subjects, and add notes.

Update, Update, Update:
Even a lot more than with your church web site, it is essential to update your church’s Facebook Page. Most individuals on Facebook verify Facebook a lot. Having new content material on your church’s Facebook Web page gives people a reason to verify the web page anytime they are on Facebook and that keeps them connected.

Updating the web page does not mean that you have to constantly be adding event or pictures, it can basically be placing a message on the wall, possibly a Bible verse or brief “message of the day”. Also, as opposed to your church internet site, the adding of new content material to the Facebook Page can be completed by each and every member of your congregation. Encourage your congregation to write messages on the wall, post their personal pictures and videos, and participate in discussions. The a lot more interaction from your members, the better.

Be Individual:
Possessing your members posting on the church’s Facebook Page is not only useful because it adds new content, but also because it tends to make the church far more individual. Facebook is all about men and women connecting with individuals. Most of the communication that goes on in Facebook is about the tiny, individual items in people’s lives. Folks on Facebook are hunting for that kind of private details and interaction. By allowing the individual side of your church to come out on your Facebook Page, it makes the church far more attractive to people, specifically unchurched folks who think the church is all about guidelines and religious practices.

Sending Updates
You can also use your church’s Facebook Page to communicate with fans (members of the church) that are not at the moment on the church’s Facebook Page employing the Send an Update feature. This feature sends a message to the fan’s Facebook Profile. Sending updates can support send details to church members and also bring them back to the church’s Facebook Web page. You can also use the Facebook Web page to distribute blog articles, but I will go over that in a future post.

Publicize Events
A single other neat feature of the Facebook Web page (and profiles) is that events can be produced public. A single of the options you will have when you setup an event in your church’s Facebook Page is to “Publicize” the event. By publicizing the event, it adds the event into the Facebook event database. Individuals who are not fans (and fans as well) who search via Facebook events will be in a position to discover your church’s events. This is specially helpful for events like concerts.

So, go ahead and get started. Create a new “Face” for your church. Individuals are social. The church need to be too.