It Is Gold Topped Or Will Go Higher.

Gold as everyone knows has been view as power , as money , as a symbol of King. Gold has reach the higher print of 1424.50 printed against the US dollar per ounce. Many believe this is hard to top and its too much. I will explain my point of view and how we believe in Elliottwave -forecast this Gold rally will play out.Gold has been rising since charts can be recorded and have make many corrections within that rise. We really believe in Elliottwave -forecast that Humans are in impulse trend when we came from nothing to the stone age to today world full of technological advances. Who would though 100 years ago all the advances we have today , Last night , I watch a movie about Amelia Earhart those plans compare to what we have today are nothing , the cars today compare to the one in the earlies days nothing. we live in a uptrend world when Humans take risk and develop new instruments which will make our world more and more advance. There are wars and tragic events which develop corrections within the Human up trend but at the end are erase and develop into something new and better .

This cycle has been there since the divine creation and will be going into eternity. I look around trying to find something through the ages , something which value has increases with Humans and guess what I found .GOLD , it has been there thought years with the develop , many wars were fought because Gold , the value always been there and always will.We believe in Elliottwave-forecast the Gold will get into a correction from this level , our charts are backed to 1978 and this will be the biggest of all , it can drop to around 800 dollars per ounce but at the end King Gold will keep rising and rising and someday will worth more than 2000 dollars per ounce .that will happen with patience within the next six months we will have a good retirement plan if we start buying Gold in twenty years from now , who knows how much it will worth , the History of human grow show the trend , now it is so to you to get aboard. BOLA TANGKAS