It Is Tranquil And Adventurous To Go For Vietnam Holidays And Chosen By Many

Vietnam is a friendly and safe place to travel with the charm of its own. Gone are the days when Vietnam was war torn. Now the atmosphere is peaceful and friendly for travelers to travel. Many international travelers are now interested to spend their Vietnam holidays in this southeast country. There are numerous places of interest for the travelers in Vietnam. Indochina tours provide tours which are totally flexible.

There are many optional transpacific air transportations to specific cities, from the tour starting point to tour end point. Travel Vietnam offers various travel packages like package tours, adventure tours, cruise tours, beach vacations, national park tours, honeymoon package, eco tourism, and daily tour, tour from north to south and tour from south to north.

In Travel Vietnam, the most popular tours are Halong Cruise, Sapa Package tour, Mekong Delta tour, North Vietnam tours, Central Vietnam tours, South Vietnam tours. One can book a Vietnam holidays according to the weather condition of Vietnam. The climate of Vietnam varies from region to region. Although the country lies in the tropics and sub tropics, the local weather condition ranges from frosty winters in the far northern hills to sub equatorial weather condition all year around in the Mekong delta.

Vietnam is pretty crowded from November to March and in July and August. These periods are the peak period to spend the Vietnam Holidays. Domestic tourists are now a major force for the tourism industry. They tend to travel in July and August. Indochina tours provide many tour packages to Vietnam for the international tourists.

For many travelers, taking city tours, visiting museum and lying in the beach is not all. For them adventure tour is a must. Adventure travel is not like other package tours. It is a specialized type of travel. Adventure travelers would rather hike up a mountain, trek through a jungle, or ride white water rapids rather than sit in an air conditioned bus and be chauffeured from place to place for the whole trip.

Active travel Vietnam offers various tips on biking, hiking and kayaking that can help adventure travel safe and exciting. For a normal traveler, the best destination is Ho Chi Minh City. One of the main attractions of the Ho Chi Minh City is the Cat Tien National Park which is 70,000 hectares biosphere boasting of various ranges of Flora and fauna. Visitors can go for a bird watching or take hiking trails or spend a night in a crocodile swarm and look for the rarest of rare wildlife. There are many beaches and places of historical importance in Vietnam which can attract tourist in large numbers. BOLA TANGKAS