It is Unjust to Make Policies That Kill Jobs Then Tell Everyone to Go Volunteer

The first lady, Michelle Obama, has sent out a call to all Americans to volunteer and help in their local communities or to join with our government’s program to help abroad. She indicated in a note to everyone on the e-mail list that she expected everyone, as in “all” to volunteer and to do their part. I couldn’t agree more and believe this is excellent public relations for the administration, and quite frankly it’s the right thing to do for all Americans to help our fellow man and volunteer in the common good.

However, as someone who has been volunteering all of their life, since they were a child, I personally really don’t need anyone to tell me to go and volunteer, although I do understand that others do not give back like they should and perhaps need a little bit of push or a prod, and for this reason I applaud Michelle Obama’s methods. Another thing that concerns me about the whole volunteerism issue is that many Americans have lost their job because of really poor policies from our government.

When President Barack Obama was running for office he promised to create 4.8 million jobs, and this is what the stimulus package was for; later those 4.8 million jobs were said to be not only jobs to be created but also jobs they prevented from being lost. Apparently, we still have a negative ratio of job losses to job creation by a huge number, nearly one-third of a million or more per month. In other words the stimulus package didn’t work and America is still shedding jobs.

As all these people are out of work and cannot afford to feed their families, and perhaps will even lose their home to foreclosure the Obama’s are asking them to volunteer. It is my personal opinion that it is unjust to ask someone to volunteer after your failed policies and promises have cost them their jobs. And it’s not that I don’t believe volunteerism is worthy because I do, I certainly do and I have led by example my entire life in helping my local communities wherever I’ve lived.

It’s just that when someone loses their job, and their house, and is having trouble feeding their kids the last thing we should do is make them feel guilty if they can’t volunteer or tell them they are not a good person unless they are volunteering. Please consider this.