It is Worse – Resist it and You Will Become It

With all the audacity of a perfect stranger I dare say, there is not a situation, circumstance or thing in your life that is unwanted yet remains in your life except that your emotional resistance to it has been sufficiently sustained. Now before you throw a mental dagger at me, know that I am writing this to shed light on a question I am often asked. That question is “why must I be stuck with this problem or that?” And I know from experience that when the light bulb goes off and you can see that you are the one that can unplug the juice from the persisting ‘problem’ or ‘problems’ you’ve seemingly been stuck with, the joy is worth the ones initial irritation with my statement.

What are the things people resist in life? The range covers every facet you can imagine, from struggling relationships to difficulties in finding one; from the barriers to having their business grow to conflicts with clients, or for teenagers wanting their freedom to parents struggling to keep their children safe and obedient. People resist not being good enough, attractive enough, and smart enough. Others resist the government and private industries and laws that make it seem difficult or in conflict with their personal beliefs and others resist not having enough resources in life. Some people just seem to be born rebels.

Joy is a condition in which resistance dissolves; it opens a space of absolute freedom. No different than a light bulb, without the energy, the appearance of your situations and circumstance, your life if you will, can not be experienced. Alone and without its streaming flow of emotion the appearance of things can not be. You and I experience life. Take the experience part out and what does one have? Experience the emotions for without it there exist no problems what so ever. It’s like having a painful headache, but for a brief moment you forget and so you don’t feel the pain.

There is a problem however. We don’t know ourselves by what gives us life, we know ourselves by the glass and filaments, and we know that is who we are because we see and experience the light.

No matter how perfect a light bulb you create, it will not beam rays of light without the source of those rays flowing through it. Just like you, without the energy flowing through your miracle body of flesh and bones, brains and heart, there would be but a still and lifeless pile of carbon.

In fact, the body was preceded by the energy which gave it form. Before you had form, you existed as pure energy. By intention alone you turn the juice to the flashlight on. By intention alone you breathe life into the form that you come to know yourself to be.

We have a grip onto to anything that seems as though the loss of it will mean the losing of our identity. We want to remain identified. If we lose our identity it would mean we would no long exist. This could be a scary thought. After all when you die you’ll no longer have a body, you will seem to have no body in time and space therefore no location, you would be no where And what is the one thing that has you know you located somewhere in time and space – our emotions, which are most real to you.

Every emotion has two sides just as up and down and on and off or is and is not require each other. If you release all of off you are left with on. It you release all of is not, you are left with is. If you release all of fear you are left with joy. If you release all of the emotion of hate you are left with love.

All one actually needs to do is stop giving life to any unwanted emotion and place all attention on the desired emotion. Give all your attention to your own happiness and joy. Become the space in which everyone touched by it empowers your own feeling of love and joy. Exclude no one in your joy and generosity and good will.

Things are energy first. The solution to releasing your attachment to any area of your life you ardently resist, is to do the best you can to fill the condition of your life with joy. Things you can really feel good about. People will do the things they do and situations are as they have come to be. Allow the situations to be as they are and focus on the power point, the emotions that give it life.

Do this not to change something, do this to discover for yourself and your power to transform any unwanted situation or circumstance in your life. Once you realize this you for sure will not be a master but that is simply a matter of practice. You will begin to allow things into your life that you never thought possible simply by using the resistant energy is a more desirable way. I can promise you this, if you are willing to discover your own power to reach for better feeling thoughts, you will discover a you that you will forever fall in love with. Put your attention on the feelings you want and not the feelings you dislike.

The divine self experiences joy at every turn, simply align your self with your mighty spirit. The identity self can be loved beyond imagination and enjoy all the pleasures you allow it to have. Let go of any negative conclusions you made about yourself, others and life. You were only a small pip squeak when you first made those assumptions. The future is bright. Be patient and seek joy.