It’s a Beautiful Day – What Do You Have Planned?

“Iron” Mike Tyson got his nickname from being the toughest SOB in the ring (pre-ear biting era), and he got that way by pushing the envelope every morning and making his body ache.

On a weekend, most of us would like to sleep in and enjoy a day off. Tyson took advantage of every day and his reputation preceded him because of it.

Now not all of us (if even a majority of us) will ever have bodies like Iron Mike. However, we could take a couple pointers from his determination. No, please don’t think that I want your kids to grow up envying a womanizer and a psychopath. Instead, I want you to think about how you feel in the mornings and why you feel that way. Then, compare it to Tyson’s 3 mile runs, 500 pushups, 2000 situps, and all that he was able to accomplish in the mornings. Do you compare?

Most of us don’t, but what’s worse is that most Americans wouldn’t even attempt to think about working out like that, if at all, on a Saturday morning. Why don’t we? The same reason we all stay up and watch late night TV: it’s been ingrained in us as the “way to live.” I say that’s BS. You need to start waking up in the morning and exercising a little. Go to bed earlier and TiVo the late night shows. Show some enthusiasm for being in shape and healthy.

Your kids will catch on if you set the example. Think you’ll be able to encourage them to get up early and exercise while you’re still laying in bed? Good luck. Practice the “Do as I do,” not the “do as I say” mentality, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Now go enjoy the beautiful day! Even if it’s raining, it’s still a much nicer day outside than it is in the world of TV, I promise you that!