It’s Not Just a Day of Going Green It’s an Eternity of Better Living!

So every one is on the green scene and although it’s also a fun new, fashion color to accessorize your wardrobe and home with it has a deeper meaning. Earth day has come and gone and we must not forget we have been destroying our environment and it’s time to become more aware on how we can start practicing to be more eco-friendly everyday. It’s not only the chemicals we overwhelm our home and outside environments with but more importantly, we need to consume less energy.

Now of course, we all live in modern day civilization and having become used to the ease of things we are not always aware of how damaging some of our actions are. I don’t want to preach sitting at home in the dark while the only thing on is your refrigerator and candles because no one will go long term with that setup. For us creatures of habit, a more realistic approach will help us ease into everyday practice of helping the environment. It takes one of us to be aware and all of us as a whole to make a change.

Here are some tips that a spoiled person like me has started practicing to cut back on polluting the environment and exhausting energy.

1. Line Dry Your Clothes. With the weather usually permitting during the summer, spring and fall it is the perfect time to have your clothes dry in the sunlight. Don’t worry about wrinkles the sun and breeze usually naturally eliminates those. What happened to the days where the clothesline ran in the alleyway from one building to the next? I remember my dad installing one of those first when we moved into a new apartment not buying a dryer. Basically, limiting your dryer use will make a huge difference on consumed energy and your pockets. The first time this year I tried it my gas bill that month went down by $ 43. Whoa!

2. Use a Canvas Tote Bag. Avoid the plastic or paper shopping bag at the supermarket. If you plan on picking up a few groceries then bring your tote. You would be surprised how much you can fit in it, and packed nice and neat.

3. High Fragrance Equals More Toxins. Eliminate high fragrant detergents and bleach from your wash cycle. Use an organic detergent and boost cleaning power with Borax, which acts like a water softener and deodorizer. It’s been around for years! You will increase freshness of your clothes using eco-friendly detergents.

4. Switch your Light Bulbs. When they have been used and done, switch to CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps). They help reduce energy for lighting by at least a third and can be used wherever you are using a regular light bulb.

5. Power Down if not In Use. Maybe it’s in a guest room or garage; unplug it if you are not using it. It’s the most basic level of energy reduction.

6. Reuse. Donate items to charities or have a yard sale. Someone could reuse what you were planning on throwing out. No need to overflow landfills any more than they already are.

Although there are many more ways we can help decrease toxins and consume less energy these simple tips are a start. If we can practice just a few and take it step-by-step we can make a contribution to our environment that matters.