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China’s jewelry industry’s predecessors, in the long-term jade processing practice, summed up the experience of many of the jade, and in the form of concise maxim, expressed the emerald of these characteristics. Remember the motto, and understand and understand the deep meaning, the lifelong benefit.

“Lamp does not view color”
In fact, no jewelry should never be carried out in the light, the color quality assessment. For Jade, this point is particularly important. This is because the emerald color, especially gray flash, flash blue and green like jade oil color, in Light Visual effects under natural light than the color under the effect of a lot better. Therefore, the lighting can only see Jade’s lock crack, see head length, see Zhao Ying level or other characteristics. And in natural light, the look and assess emerald green.

“Color First, the spread ten times”
For high-grade jade, the price difference probably has more than ten times. For example: a 500,000 yuan jade ring surface and a 5 million yuan of the emerald ring surface, Jade Quality? Style, size, types of water, blot? Are the number one, impeccable, between the two The key lies in the green on the price difference between high and low. And how to recognize and distinguish the difference between emerald green variety is important, at least seen and experienced.

“See more than buy”
For the purchase of raw jade stone, the “see more” is a process of selection; is a comparison of the process; is also a process of accumulation and verification of experience; is a “buy” premise. “Buy less” than do not buy, but to remind you to “see” the good of the buy.

“Rather buy a line, do not buy a large”
For green jade stones in the shape of features, the “line”? Tape green? And “a large” by the Green Paper? Is a green shape with two forms, a “line”? neutrality? and “film”? lying of the two. “Line” of the thickness is known, but the depth is unknown; “film” The area is known, the thickness is unknown. The key motto is to remind people not to be emerald green surface, “many” and “little” confused, to identify the green “neutrality” and “lying” of nature. So, not really met with a large green jade not buy, but cautioned against excessive thickness of green luxury.

“Dragon to get water everywhere”
So-called “dragon” actually refers to the green jade. In other words: Under normal circumstances, both in texture and thickness of the extent or degree of transparency, there is no green than the green parts of the site? To children?, Should be better. Of course, sometimes emerald green and to the difference between children’s performance when too strong, just as the motto goes next. Dog feces in sub-high green.

Emerald green jade in child and interdependent, a very close relationship. In general, the green kind of water the better, the way children are usually not too bad, and vice versa. The main motto to remind people: Do not ignore the particularity of emerald green. While not every “dog feces to child” will have high-grade green. But “dog feces in children” can appear superior green.

“Lock does not cover non-flower”
“Book of Rites,” Cloud: “I do not Gui Zhuo, the United States is also its quality.” In fact, the high-end green jade are often the “prime” body form, to express their natural essence. For example, the move means junk, Ling tube type are “prime live.” If the carved patterns, there must be under their beautiful patterns Qiaoxi. Guer industry spread there is “no lock does not cover spending” argument. Modern Jade Products in the same way.

“Cold soy green concept”

So-called “soy green” is the color refers to an increase of “fake jade”, this is a old-fashioned trick. The sham nowadays means a “shower”, “bath” and “coating” and so on. Of course, any fraud may succeed for a while but do not never give himself away to. Previous motto is insiders say, is to remind people to attach importance to the feeling at first glance, do not let any doubts. Thus, for consumers, it may also “cold” thing. Must be to the good reputation of quality assured store to buy jade. [Key words]: Jade Jade Identification Kinds of water Comment Large In Small BOLA TANGKAS